Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pre-Fab? Kinda...

I promise that this post has nothing to do with beds. 

I know. There's been a lot about two twins and a double lately, but not in this post! This post is about crafting in the passenger seat, and beyond, because we went to see the grandkids over the weekend (yay!) and I had 8 hours (each way) in the passenger seat. Of course, I brought yarn and plastic canvas...and a plan!

Since I had cut out the shapes I needed before the trip (that's the pre-fab part), I stitched, and I stitched, 'til my stitchers were sore, but I did manage to finish this about 5 minutes before we pulled into their driveway!

Peanut loved it so much that she started filling it with tiny trinkets almost immediately...yay!

Then she put on her new socks, and away we went with the day!

Sweet Pea was fairly fond of her new elephant, as well, so as far as the crafting-for-grandkids goes, this was a terrific trip!

Besides the crafty goodness, there was a trip to Tumblebug class, 

time at the playground with Pop Pop, 

and baby snuggles all around! We had the most wonderful time! 

Even Dollface, who came along for the ride and visit, would agree that it was funtimes for all, because she got to experience this moment with her brother...

Yes. "Wow" is the appropriate word. She asked him to pose like that, and she was showing him her photo of his backside as I snapped that shot. So again, yes. And wow. lol!

And now we are back home, after a fabulous visit (making this a "post-fab" blog post), and I am working on more crafty goodness for Peanut and Sweet Pea. After all, the beds in the dollhouse still don't have linens! Off I go to remedy that situation!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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