Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snowmen - NOT so Helpful at Christmas-time

On the 20th of December, I realized that Christmas is actually coming...and I'm not ready! I also realized that I am not the first (or only) person to have a Dec. 20th, Christmas panic attack, so I told myself to just settle down. After all, Olaf has eyes now,

and overall, once he's had his coffee,

he can be a rather helpful fellow. Here he is, working on a pair of socks that I must have put down for a moment. 

I think I put them down to rescue my coffee from the snowman, but you know...he's helpful like that. And here he is, "guarding" my candy jar at the office. Wait a many of those did you eat, Olaf? Trying to maintain your snow-manly figure, I suppose...but that jar was full the last time I looked. 

Oh, and last week, I caught him using a "pick-up" line on know, to keep her out of my hair while I was knitting...that's his story anyway.

I know that he is trying to be helpful, but can I just tell you how glad I was to finally have him wrapped up and in the box, ready to be delivered to Peanut (with some other things, too, of course)?

Even with Olaf out of my way, my knitting place is looking a little lonely lately...well, except for Black Cat!

I'm still busy (just like you are, I'm sure), putting the finishing touches on the buying and the wrapping and the cooking that brings the joy of Christmas day. I am not ready, but that's ok. My family understands, and so do I (finally, after 4-and-a-half decades), that Christmas brings joy, and stress, and there will be plenty of leisurely knitting time in 2015. So these are my holiday wishes for you:

May your cookie jar never be empty
(even if you have to fill it with jelly beans).
May your heart always be full
(love is a choice, choose well).
May your mind be still enough
(to get some solid sleep at the end of each day).
May your fingers fly
(through the ribbons and wrapping, without paper cuts).
May you find joy in the holiday preparations and celebrations.
May you find peace and healing for your souls, so that you might enjoy family and friends at Christmas-time, and throughout the new year.

Thanks for taking a break to stop by the blog today!
Knit (and love and share joy) in Good Health, friends!

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