Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Knitwear in Action!

Last weekend, Pop Pop and I decided to take a little trip to see our favorite Peanut! That means there was lots of time for car knitting, and the chance to see some little girl knits in action, and I was really excited about both. I was excited about 16 hours (total, out and back) of car knitting...

but a 1-row scarf gets pretty boring, pretty quickly. Still, I did finish the thing,

and that's good, because I really needed another grey scarf. For some reason, I always seem to give away my grey scarves! The plan is to keep this one...but I will be giving away these socks (also finished on the trip!).

Once we got to the kids' house, I saw some silly things. You know, like clip-doll, Disney princesses in Jake and Izzy's boat...

and butterflies, originally meant for the baby's room, circling near Cinderella in Peanut's room!

While I was up in her room, Peanut showed me that she was wearing hand-knit socks "fwom Gwamma!" Of course, this meant that we needed a photo of our foots together...

...and an "action shot" as well.

Wait, what's that...behind the feet there? Oh, right. The boy dolls. All of the princes are posing perfectly for the picture, but what is Ken so distracted by?

I see it now. The girl dolls are napping in the dream-house!

And what's that they're wearing? More hand-knits, of course! (Ken is jealous. His pants don't quite close anymore, so there is a possibility the boy dolls will be decked out in knitting soon, too...)

All of this, plus arts and crafts,
and a run,

and a ride, through the mall!

It was a great trip, but in the end, I was tired. I'm still tired. Kids are fun, but I am still tired! I think that I will record Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve tonight, because there is just no way I will make it to!

Whatever your plans are for the evening, thanks for stopping by today. I wish you contentment and peace in 2015, and a Happy New Year!

Knit in Good Health!

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  1. I agree with the feeling tired.We have just had ten days of grandchildren,great but very tiring.Today has been a day to ourselves (with lunch out) and tonight will be a quiet eve
    Ning in.I might even get my knitting out.I have a new blog name because I have been having adverts infiltrate my blog.Barbarax