Saturday, October 11, 2014

Random Stuff on Saturday

Ready? Here we go!

Remember Connie? Yeah, she hasn't blogged much recently...or knitted...
Because, you know, she's all about the beads, 'bout the beads, no knitting.
She's all about the beads, 'bout the beads, no knitting.
She's all about the beads, 'bout the beads, no knitting.
She's all about the beads. (shake tube of super-duos here)

Yeah, it's pretty clear, she ain't working with yarn,
But she can bead it, bead it...all around her arm - 
'Cause she got that fireline that all the beaders chase,
And all the right beads in all the right places...

But seriously...Connie has the bead bug, and she (and others in my knitting group) are making some lovely things lately. I'm thinking that I will soon delve into my own craft closet to make some pretties for Pretty's arm!

::Wow! That was random, Pretty!::

Yes, yes it was, but it was fun! Hiya, Connie, sweetie! Now, for more random:

Spooky Stripey Sockies, finished at knit night on Thursday!

Snake's birthday afghan (which was sadly not finished last January, for his birthday...), which I also worked on this past Thursday.

You know, it feels good to finish things. It's also nice to work on a project that has been languishing for months...but you know what's best? That's right! New projects!

Yep, finally casting on the Little Sister's Dress I bought buttons for back in August! I am pretty excited to see it grow on these needles, and I am twice as excited to meet our newest little Princess Pants when she is born!

Oh, one more bit of random is a little giftie I received, for no particular reason, from an anonymous giver...thank you, whoever you are! The mug is lovely, and the coffee was delish!

So, there's your random for the day! Thanks for stopping by to see what's going on in the world of Pretty...and if you go read the first couple paragraphs again, you'll have an earworm, too! You're welcome. :)

Knit in Good Health!

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