Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hat Trick!

So, when cousins in Italy love yarny things, and a cousin in Ohio loves to make yarny things, and all the cousins love the new Disney movie Frozen (and all its characters)...well, you had to know that THIS was bound to happen!

Crocheted hats for trolls, Anna, Elsa and Kristoff, but I think my favorite is Summeeeeer!

Well, actually, it'll be fall soon, and these are part of the Halloween, that's 5 hats for 5 cousins, and then there's the family dog. Looks like he is accustomed to headgear, so let's measure his head and make him some antlers, a la Sven the reindeer! What do you think, G?

I think he approves! I know that I approve of all the fun I have had, and will continue to have, on that last hat! Until then, when I'm not designing silly hats, I'm still knitting socks...and fingerless mitts - these are turning out great!

What tricks have you pulled out of your hat this week? If they're rabbits, you should know that winter holidays are way closer than Easter, and maybe you should reconsider your project list...just sayin'.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing part of your day! I hope that you (and I) have lots of time this fall to Knit in Good Health!

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