Wednesday, September 3, 2014


If you know me on Ravelry, you've heard me rave (just a bit) about Hannah and her buttons over at Fastenation Studios. If not, may I introduce you here? I've been drooling over the buttons for a few weeks, after seeing them on the Knit Girllls, The Fat Squirrel and also Must Stash! If you have not checked that first link yet, take a minute to click it now...I'll wait. Go ahead, really!*

I know, right!?! Beautiful! And, may I tell you, they are even more gorgeous in person! I know this because I've ordered some, and they came just yesterday...look!

I KNOW, riiiight! So pretty, and so perfect for the yarns I have waiting for them! I need to cast on about three more sweaters, Right. This. Minute! Thank you, Hannah, for the wonderful buttons!

On the WIP front, I'm still working on the Wallaby...still not finished...nothing new there. The new stuff is all on the Frozen hats, which number 4.15 right now...see?

Once all the bases are done, I'll finish the hair and embellishments, and then I will ship them off to their Halloween home in Italy...I can't wait to see the photos of my cousins in them! These are gonna be so much fun! And speaking of fun hats, I've also done a couple more pumpkins and fruit for your head!

And that's about it for the yarn work this far. Of course, knit night is tomorrow, so there may be some sweaters cast on then...if I can finish up that Wallaby tonight! And there are still two more pair of socks, so there are definite knitting plans in the works...stay tuned to see what ends up on my hooks and needles next!

What's on your needles (and/or hooks, and/or beading needles, and/or craft tables)? Whatever it is, I know that it is fabulous, and I hope that you'll share a picture with me! :) 

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and Knit (and crochet, and bead, and craft) in Good Health!

*Hannah has not paid me or given me any buttons in exchange for this review, and I waited until the buttons I ordered arrived to toot her horn over here. But seriously, these are some seriously cute buttons, and I seriously cannot wait to put them on a sweater! Multiple sweaters even! So yummy! :) If you knit or sew, or use buttons on anything...ever...get yourself some of these beautiful buttons!

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  1. Very cool. And that's Ann Norling's pumpkin hat pattern, isn't it? I got to meet her once and tell her in person how much I loved it; I am happy to report that she's a total sweetheart.