Saturday, July 19, 2014

Holidays, Hats, and Weddings

I've told you about my big Christmas Socks idea...socks for all of us for a Christmas photo. That means I need 7 pair...1 pair men's size 11, 2 pair men's size 9.5, 3 pair women's size 9-ish, and a tiny pair for Peanut! I decided to knit them from largest to smallest, and I am making pretty good progress! I started on July 1st, with a Christmas in July knitalong pair (men's size 11), and I'm well into the second pair now. :)

Of course, I've gotten a little distracted by insect knitting - three more Bee Baby Hats are blocking right's a pre-blocked photo:

There are other distractions, the wedding I will be attending this afternoon! Remember the Tiny Bride from a few months ago? Well, the full size bride and groom are making it official this afternoon, and I'll be knitting at the reception this evening. :) What do you suppose is the most appropriate knitting for a wedding reception? Christmas socks? A gray hat?

Well, whatever I knit, I will celebrate these two lives being knit together in love today. Congratulations Kate and Shawn! I wish you years and years of living, loving and laughing together! And when times get tough (hard times are eventually a part of every marriage), I wish you strength, endurance and patience for one another. The hard times are never fun, but each one that you weather will bring you closer together.

Actually, I wish that for all of my friends - strength, endurance, patience, life, love and laughter - it's the only way to live! Now, off I go to celebrate life with some of my favorite people!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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