Saturday, February 1, 2014

Getting Ready for the Big Game!!!

What do you mean, "Getting ready for the Big Game," Pretty? It's not like you're going to a party or anything...

Ummm, yes. Yes I am. I am totally going (for the 5th year in a row) to the Knitters' Super Bowl Party at Tina's house, and I have two major decisions to make before Sunday afternoon:
  1. What yummy food will I make to share?, and
  2. What new project will I cast on for the Big Game?
Although I am not sure that I will take her advice, I did ask Peanut last weekend what she likes to eat. Here's her answer:

So, "Macaroni and cheese, chicken and chicken nuggets...," and "nothin'" else, will apparently be on her menu for tomorrow's game, but I think I'll go a different route. :) Not sure what exactly just yet, but I did buy some goodies last night at the grocery store...I have options.

As for what I will knit, I have options there, too. Here are my choices:
  1. Dog sweater I've promised to my neighbor across the street, which I feel a little guilty about, since we've had TWO "polar vortices" this month...but I told her at the outset that it would be awhile until I could cast on...
  2. The Front of the Beagle Sweater for Mork, which I should have already cast on by now, but can still have finished for his birthday at least.
  3. Cowl for Mindy in yarn she picked out last weekend. 
  4. Socks. I have no socks on the needles, yet there is so much sock yarn in my stash!
  5. A pair of alpaca mittens to match the new alpaca scarf...because I desperately want mittens in this yarn!
Gosh, I think that's all of will I ever choose?

Do you have any plans for the big game tomorrow? Or will you just wait to see what the buck-toothed rodent from Punxsutawney says about all this winter we've been having, then bury your head under the blankets until spring? If it's the latter, you should totally cast on another warm blanket today, because of all this winter we've been having! Either way, be well and stay warm. 

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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