Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hey! I'm a Winner!

You know how it enter a contest, you don't expect to win. You just take joy in entering the specified projects in the Ravelry group (this time it was Holding the Sticks, with Emily), and then faithfully listening to/watching the podcast for that special announcement - "And the winner is..." It's a ritual I am familiar with.

One thing I am NOT so familiar with is actually winning the contest, but look! I won this one!

It was actually very funny. I was just listening along at my desk, like I always do, then I thought, "Wait. Did she just mention my name?" And she had! (I went back and watched three times, just to be sure!) I won a $25 Etsy gift card! Yay! And thanks Emily!!!

With my gift card, I ended up buying a knitting bag from the KayLaLa Shop on Etsy, and when it arrived, I just about fainted from the cuteness inside the envelope! First, there was a brown paper package, all tied up with string...

...and then, the singing cats! Hahahahahaha!

Yes, I didn't notice it when I chose the bag online, but these cats are singing! They do not keep me up at night, so I don't mind it, and really...just look at those happy, singing cats...super adorable! On top of the cute fabric is the fact that this is one of those uber-popular designs for knitting bags, the "knot bag," and you can see why I am thrilled again and again with winning, and using my gift card on such a super-cute knitting bag!

I'm only left with one question...what do you suppose the cats are singing? Songs of socks? Small sweaters? Or are they just bursting into song, Glee-style, to tempt me to treat them with tuna?

Whatever they are singing, this bag just makes me happy. =D Great for mittens/hats or socks, I am using it every day! Thanks again for the contest, Emily! And thanks for the great bag, Kay!

And thank you, Readers, for stopping by! Grab your fave knitting bag, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. They are singing the song of their people! You know, the one they sing at 3 in the morning when their food dish is empty.

    Congrats on your cool win!

  2. Congrats on your win!!!

    Linda (lmecoll on Ravelry)

  3. Sounds like it went to the perfect person! Congratulations!

    My favorite knitting bag, I don't own yet. Sort of. It came, I made sure nothing was damaged, then I wrapped it back up in the box and told the hubby the Christmas present he'd okayed had come.

    Picture a leather tote bag (I had so needed a new purse) with knitted cabled stitches embossed on the front. Can it get more perfect than that? My splurge of the year--ordered just a couple days before we knew the furnace was to be condemned.