Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy October! (It's still October, right?)

A week into October, and I can't help but wonder...
What does October mean to me? 

The arrival of October means that I had better start the Christmas knitting and crafting (or I'll face the consequences with many late-night stitching sessions in late December...)

If I'm making decorations, like the Christmas Tree at left, I had better get started in now! (BTW, that link takes you to the tutorial for making one of your cute! And here's a Rav link for your library! And it's've got time to make several, really!)

If I'm looking for new ideas for handmade decorations, October 9th is past time to be stalking the Pinterest boards, or even blogs from last year...(thank you Mooglyblog for linking to my tutorial in 2012!). Or maybe doing pattern searches for Christmas on Ravelry and increasing my queue...(Yes, I'm over 230 patterns in my queue...don't judge. I've seen your faves, same thing.)

If I'm thinking of knitting a Christmas Sweater for myself, with a picture on it, I should really rethink my fashion priorities this October. Perhaps it's time for my wardrobe to move into the 21st century!

And if I'm thinking about knitting for friends and family, I should count my friends and family and then decide on a pattern for each. After totally freaking out at the volume of knitting that would produce, I should then prioritize that list, including only "knit-worthy" friends and family. Then it's time to check Facebook to see how many of those remaining on the list have posted photos of knitted gifts from me in the past, and read all the comments to make sure they were proudly posted, rather than posted to their "walls of shame." At this point, I'm probably just knitting for my granddaughter, and maybe my friends who knit. Of course, there are about 25 in my local knitting I should probably pick a fight with 15-16 of them. If I follow this plan, by November I should only have 10-12 people to knit for...doable? Maybe. 

Arrrgh! I'm only knitting for Peanut this year!

October means that it's dark, and cool and crisp in northeast Ohio. My mornings are quiet, apples are ready for picking, warm beverages and baked goods fill my kitchen, and there's lots of time to sit and knit in the evenings. It's time for comfort-food dinners and holiday party planning. You know, with all the time I'll have in these shorter-daylight days, I'll bet I could knit a little something for everyone...(but please, don't hold your breath...I may still just bring you a nice candle instead).

All of the bloggers and podcasters are talking about their holiday knitting and crafting, and I haven't really even started to plan for any of mine yet... Wow! I guess I should stop blogging and start knitting!

Thanks for stopping by! Knit (and Craft for the holidays) in Good Health!


  1. Oh cool! THAT'S what we can do with the leftover Fun Fur yarn!

  2. Very cool Christmas tree! Can I put in a request for a Christmas wreath? ;)

    1. Thanks! I usually don't knit or crochet by request, but I'd be happy to teach you to knit and crochet!