Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Buy the Pattern...

If You Don't Buy the Pattern
by Pretty Knitty

If you want to knit a scarf, but you don't buy the pattern,
what you will usually get is a scarf.
If you want to knit a hat, but you don't buy the pattern,
you will probably still get a hat.
If you want to knit socks, but you don't buy the pattern,
you might just end up with fingerless mitts.

But, if you want to knit a horse, you should buy the pattern.
If you don't buy the pattern, your horse may end up looking more like a hump-less camel...or maybe a sea-monster...creepy!
Lesson learned, I guess...? (sigh!) Probably not...

Still, I am truly hoping that I can redeem this poor, wannabe horse by adding ears, legs, a mane and tail. In the meantime, pray for this poor creature, knitters!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!
(But do me a favor...if it's a complicated knit, just buy the pattern.)


  1. So you are the proud new mommy of Nessy, the Horse, yes? She's cute. Give her some features and call it all good.

  2. Looks like a sea creature to me -- not wrong, just unexpected. ;)

    But, I gots to often do you use the phone book from 2006-2007?

    1. I stand on it to reach high things...

  3. Ears and a mane and tail could certainly help! It would look much less Nessie like then.

    Nice cables tho!

  4. Oh, he's almost there, he doesn't hoof to be perfect. A little hair is the mane idea and then he'll be ready to tell the tail. If you think the underside of his neck is too wide, you could add a bridle, but personally, I think he's in the category of projects that you toss in a corner, pull out a month or two later and go, what was my problem? This is wonderful--and he is.