Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Decluttering Distraction

Did you ever declutter?
Do you get distracted?


The last time I started to declutter, I got distracted. I don't know why I suddenly felt the urge to clean out the attic, but a couple weekends ago, I put on my warm sweatshirt and headed up there. I didn't get very far before I ran across the file boxes of the kids' artwork and school papers. You know what I found in there? I found a happy family...

...Mom, Dad, Me and B (for "brother," I assume) were all lined up on the lawn in the artist's memory (this one was Dollface) and we have no necks, pets included. (By the way, the land of no necks exists in every artist's development, or so I have been told...) Here, a neck-less Dad and Mork play catch, for Father's Day (Mork's artwork, of course, not Dad's)...

...and here, a neck-less Mork and Mom (and some, random soccer player?) become stick puppets!

At some point, most of us did start to develop necks, and this was good...
Poor dog and cats are still! Mork was some artist!
But you know what I like even better than necks in a family drawing? Love, like in this one...

Awwww!, Dad and Mom are holding hands! Sister and Brother, you will notice, are standing a fair distance from one another. I mean, they have always loved each other (I choose to believe), but they do have their boundaries...

I guess we all have our boundaries! You know, even despite the distraction, I did manage to declutter three trash-bags full from that attic, and a full-grown person can once again get in there to take down the Christmas tree next year!

And I even learned a thing or two. Listen up, Moms and Dads:
If your kid makes something with macaroni, and you decide to keep it for posterity (or whatever), put it in a plastic baggie before you tuck it into that box. The pasta eventually disintegrates (after 20 years or so) and while the picture is still pretty cute...

The macaroni makes a mess (and it attracts bugs...ewwww)!

No knitting this post...I hope that you'll forgive me...but now that that job is done, off I go to grab some yarn! I hope that you'll be able to do the same at some point today!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. This is totally useless intell after the fact, but...when the next crop of food art arrives on the scene, go to the craft shop and purchase a spray can of something like polyurathane. Spray the adorablely painted bowtie pasta. Allow to dry quite well. THEN store in a baggie.

    Don't ask how I know.

  2. P.S. I thought you were going to show what you made with your lint roller sheet. Just sayin'...

    1. There are simply not enough hours in the day, my dear Cozy...