Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Well, tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I got nuthin'. I mean, I have knitted some crazy, fun hearts,

But I really haven't made any special plans for the holiday. Well, there will be knitting...I mean, it's a Thursday, holiday or not. And I don't think Mr. Pretty will mind that. After all, he's gotten pretty used to playing second fiddle to the knitting on Thursdays...especially since I've been knitting these:

I mean, I've been knitting hexipuffs for a few weeks now, and I have loved them from the start, but this yarn...this is the stuff! Even before the puff is complete, it is spectacular!
This yarn is from a pair of socks I knit a few years back...I
dyed it myself with Easter egg dyes. I am loving 
how it knits into hexipuffs!!!
And a bunch of them together makes my heart skip a beat! Sigh!

So, Hexi-Love is my plan for Valentine's Day this year, and I'm looking more than forward to it! Do you have any romantical plans for tomorrow? Tell me all about it! (So I can live vicariously through you...) But please remember, this is a family blog! =D

Whatever your plans for the holiday, thanks for stopping by! Oh, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Stopping by to admire your knitting. Diverted from Pioneer Woman's Blog. I knit up some wool hearts and felted them. My blog post on it will be up tomorrow. It was so much fun. So what do you do with Hexi puffs?

  2. How fun! Such cheerful knitting, and the colors so much like Spring.

    I went out early this morning, and my plum tree, which was dormant and dead-looking on Tuesday, has flashes of pink color beginning to sprout. Yay!

  3. I love your hexipuff reminds me of a tie-dye experiment in my youth. :-)