Friday, December 14, 2012

O Christmas Tree! (ornament edition)

A few days ago, I shared with you my cats' Christmas ornament, so today I'm sharing my newest faves to hang on the tree! 
I did! Really!!!
...and one more...
Oooh! Knitting and BEADS! Beautiful!
Again, it's more plunder from the party, and I put them on the tree before I had put that party day to bed...then I took a shower with my homemade, cinnamon soap, and settled into a bit more knitting before moving on with the rest of the Christmas season. What a great way to kick it off!

How have you kicked off your holiday season?

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  1. We kick off our season on the day after thanksgiving when we visit a place called the Festival of Trees. It has dozens of Christmas trees all decorated in different themes, and all the proceeds benefit a children's institute that helps special needs kids in our area. And we do some shopping at the vendors there too, it has become a tradition for us!