Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Plunder

This has been a pretty busy blog since Sunday! But you know what I've forgotten? That's right, I haven't shown you all the nifty gifties I received at the Knitter's Christmas Party! Wasn't that a party?!?

Well, now that it's 12/12/12 (side note, this is the last time in my lifetime that I'll see a date where the month, and year are interchangeable...if I'd realized that 12 years ago, perhaps I would have paid more attention to 1/1/1 and 2/2/2 and 3/3/3, etc., etc...and perhaps not), I think I'll commemorate the date by sharing photos of the Knitters' Christmas Plunder.

I knew the party was over when I saw that empty cookie plate, and for a moment I was kinda sad, because it was quite the party, and now it was over.
2012 - The year I remembered that I own
Christmas Cookie Plates, and used them!
Then I took everything out of my "stocking," carefully unwrapping it again to show Mr. Pretty each and every item while repeating, "Isn't this amazing (terrific, cute, clever, pretty, pick a positive adjective...I'm sure I used it) stuff?" He dutifully looked at each one and nodded, smiling at me with that "wow-she's-excited-over-these-tiny-trinkets" look. He's a good man, but he lost interest quickly, and I can't fault him for that...after all, he's NOT a crafty knitter! Eventually, I just piled it all under the tree to get a good shot...
The way this cat is always around,
I think she wants to be a knitter!
...and then a little closer...
So many edible goodies, handmade soaps and soaks, office supplies,
cards, ornaments, and so much more...another GREAT stocking!
Man! My knitting friends are crafty and generous, and they know what I like! I hope to show you some close-ups of the individual gifties in the next few days (well, except for the edibles...those are long gone...yummm!), and where they've all landed in my life lately! I just love everything, as usual...THANK YOU once again to all the CKW gals who participated! You girls are THE BEST!

What are you hoping for this holiday season? Whatever it is, I hope you're surprised and delighted, and I hope that you will Knit in Good Health!

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  1. That's a great haul, wow! Have fun using all that booty!