Monday, December 31, 2012

Holiday Knitting Revealed

Well, here it is, the last day of December. I told you I'd blog every day this month, and I've made it! By the way, would you kindly remind me next year that this is too ambitious a goal for me in the month of December? If I'm gonna blog every day in any month, I really should choose February (the shortest month), or perhaps one of the months that is NOT in the middle of all the fall/winter holiday seasons! In any case, the Secret Knitting Review has become my end-of-December tradition, so here is the knitting I could not blog until after Christmas Gifting was complete! Links are included below each photo...enjoy!

First up are socks for Snake and Dollface! They both love hand knit socks, so I try to manage at least a pair apiece for the holidays! Matching yarn and different patterns made these super fun to knit!
Traveling Socks for Snake and
Toe-Riffic for Dollface.
(There may or may not be more secret socks on the
needles for a January birthday, as well...wink!)
I think this next one may have been my favorite holiday knit...fingerless gloves for Mindy, and I was not sold on the project until it was actually done, but I love how they came out! The purples cycled through with very long repeats, and a very subtle color change that I could barely see until I was photographing the finished mitts, but they are stunning! The alpaca halo to the white yarn adds a touch of elegant fuzzy to them...what more could I ask for?
A pair of Endpaper Mitts for Mindy.
There were also toys for Peanut (of course!). This photo represents one doll, of the "topsy-turvy" variety, with some fancy, Photoshop fun going on! See the pink and green at the very bottom of the dresses? Well, if you turn the green doll over-and-inside-out, the pink doll emerges, and vice versa! Pretty neat, huh?!?
Sisters doll for Peanut.
Then, because Mindy's mitts wouldn't match anything I had knit her in the past, I hurried to crank out a scarf with purple in it. I picked a pattern, but heavily modified it almost as soon as I started. It's blocking in the photo, so you can really see the lace pattern, and the color progression...I think it turned out pretty well!
Leafy Columns Scarf for Mindy.
Next up were the Jelly Bums. I think I have about 10 of these animal patterns, and it was difficult to decide which one to make for this Christmas, but I settled on the giraffe! Ain't (s)he a cutie? (I am sure you will see more of these in 2013!)
Jelly Bums Giraffe for Peanut.
Knowing that Dollface has a green scarf and mittens, and that she has lost the hat that matches them, I thought I'd try to make her another. It's a different yarn, and probably a different green (the others were done in a DK tweed-y yarn), but she said she likes her hats REALLY BIG, so I went with this...
A Big, Green Hat for Dollface.
After I had finished that hat, she informed me that she'd like "one of those hats that doesn't close at the top." "You mean a headband?," I asked. So that's what I did...twice, because I could not decide on a single pattern. lol!
Hats Without Tops for Dollface.
Last, but certainly not least, a hat for Mork! Knit to the specs for his dad's hats, this is a little small on him, so I'll have to make the next one bigger.
A Hat for Mork, that he may or may not wear.
But after all that knitting for everyone else,
I had to knit something for Mork!
Soooo, that's a lotta knitting! But, in all fairness, we had a lotta Christmas here, and the gifties were all well-received. Yay for everyone! I hope that your gift-giving went as well as mine did, and that you are looking forward to another good year of knitting in 2013! I think I'll cast on something fun today, as part of my new year's eve celebration, and I hope that you will get to do the same!

As for tomorrow, I won't be blogging...I'll be sleeping in. After that, there will probably be some pantry- and house-cleaning, as I prepare to get back to the healthier eating-and-exercise lifestyle I have strayed from these past 4-5 months, and hopefully you'll start seeing less Pretty in the next few weeks! I'll see you around the Internets, and on the blog on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as usual.

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

This time, it's not ME...

Dear DROPS Sweater,

You've heard the saying, "It's not you, it's me," right? Yes, we have all heard it at one time or another. Well, I'd like to say that to you today...actually, I've wanted to say that to you for about the last month. But there's a problem. It's not true. 

That's right, lacy DROPS Sweater. This time, it's not me, it's totally YOU! I've read and re-read your pattern, and I've knitted on you, off and on, for over two months. I've knitted and counted, counted and knitted, and I've watched the lacy diamonds emerge from my needles, and I have loved you. I wasn't crazy about your bottom border, but I figured that I would grow to love it as well. After all, I've grown to love less beautiful pieces...but it just never happened with you.

I'm not sure why or how it happened...I'd say that maybe it was a touch of PMS, or maybe it was the busyness of the whole Christmas season, but I'd hate to mislead you. I think we've simply grown apart. But there's see, I still love your yarn. I'm frogging you.

Rest in peace, lacy DROPS Sweater. We had a pretty good run, you and I, but it's over.

Headed to the Frog Pond...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Little Traveling Music...

For the past two weeks, this has been my life:
It's been crazy busy at Pretty's house!
...and I have loved just about every minute of it! (There was a moment that a cat tossed her cookies on my bed...I didn't love that so much.) So glad that Mork, Mindy and Peanut were able to visit for the holidays! Now that they are on their way home, I'll hold these memories close until Pop Pop and I can go down for a quick visit, maybe next month.
Where's the kitty? Should we go find the kitties?
It's gonna be a long month! I miss them already...but I'm glad I took lots of photos...
So many presents and people; and oh, the Christmas fun!
...and I can't wait to fully set up my new digital picture frame (thanks Mork and Mindy!) and just sit in front of it with a homemade soda (thanks Snake and Dollface!). =D As a matter of fact, I think that will be a fabulous way to ring in the new year! Yes, that and some knitting...
She will knit...eventually!
Then again, maybe I'll just go to bed early, as usual...I am one tired Gramma! (Tired in a good this!)
I love it when they come for a visit...
and I sleep hard the night they leave!
Do you have plans for New Year's Eve?

Friday, December 28, 2012

What's going on?

Black Cat: Hey. What's that? What's going on?

White Cat: Calm down. It's just Peanut.

Black Cat: What's she doing up here? This is our "safe place."

White Cat: Awww, c'mon. She's not so bad. She's even kinda cute...

Black Cat: Hel-looo-ooooo! She has DOGS!!!

White Cat: Settle down, they're not up here in Pretty's room...

Black Cat: Hmmm...I guess you're right.

White Cat: I always am...

Black Cat: Not always...remember that time you had Glamour Shots done with a giant teddy bear?

White Cat: Oh, shut up and go back to sleep.

*Peanut is really talking these days! She loves the kitties, and it seems like they are starting to love her, too (when she doesn't have tag-a-long dogs, that is!). When she sees a cat, she goes over and gives a little pat-pat-pat...unless the cat runs away. In that case, the chase is on, and she can be heard all through the house, saying, "Come back, Kitty!" So cute! (But they generally do NOT come back. =/)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Too Much Holiday Cheer?

What happens when there is so much fun and holiday excitement that the baby doesn't get a nap? And then maybe she stays up a little past bedtime? 

You can't see the fall, and she was totally ok...but she was sooooo very sleepy! She was so very tired, she could barely hold herself up, so she just kept moving, trying to keep herself awake... 

Christmas is barely over, but it's time to get ready for New Year's Eve! How long until we are all recovered from these holidays? lol!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Party Isn't over!

The presents have been opened. They turkey is nothing more than a carcass. The relatives have all been visited (even the crunchy ones). This time of the year is sometimes a bit of a let down.

BUT, I still have snowman magnets on my fridge...
More plunder from the knitters' party!
...and Peanut at my house (and Mork and Mindy)...
Head to head with Pop Pop!
...and great, new gingerbread memories...
She wasn't terribly interested this year, but we did get a photo!
...and I can once again blog my knitting!
This is a bad, bad sweater...more on that soon.
I hope you've had a lovely holiday, and I wish you the best of luck as you head back to work!

What was the best part of your holiday celebration(s)?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Miracle...

She moves pretty quick these days, but look! I caught a photo!

(Cue hushed, both-calm-and-excited documentary guy's voice...)

"Pictured below is the elusive Peanut child, seen here in the wilds of Gramma's house, playing with the felt Santa tree..."
"My Santa Tree?"
Normally moving at the speed of sound, this is one difficult toddler to catch a picture of! But there you have it...Peanut and her Santa tree. I am one happy Gramma this week, and I can't wait until the day of presents! Mindy told me that Peanut is a little confused at all the questions she's gotten since they landed here in our town. "Are you ready to see Santa?" "What do you want Santa to bring you?" "Have you been a good girl? What do you think Santa will bring you?" 

The questions are normal enough in late December, but what some don't know is that Santa came to Peanut before Peanut came to Ohio! lol! Her super smart parents decided to have a talk with the ol' boy, and he agreed to make an early stop where they live before their big trip! It saves them the long haul home with all the new gifties from Santa (they'll certainly have more than enough gifties from grandparents to haul), and it allowed them to celebrate their first Christmas together, just the way they wanted to. I do believe that was the greatest gift Santa gave them this year! But still, these people keep asking Peanut about Santa, and she just looks at them. I wonder what she's thinking... ("Don't you know that Santa has already come?" "Didn't he bring YOU anything?" "Were YOU a good girl? Maybe not, if he didn't leave you any presents yet...") I can only imagine.

So here we are, only one more wake-up until December 25th, and Santa is everywhere. Santa trees, Santa juice, and the Santa dance (it's hilarious! I really hope I can get some video of that!) are everywhere I look, and I couldn't be happier! I hope that you are enjoying the season as much as we are, and that you are finding love and joy and hope in your life. Keep your eyes open, it's everywhere!

Have you been good? What do you think Santa will bring you?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Festivus for the Restofus!

Yep, I'm a Seinfeld fan, and so are many of my knitting friends. So much so, in fact, that we celebrate Festivus every year at knit night! (Technically, Festivus occurs Dec. 23rd, but we usually have our party on the last Thursday before Christmas, regardless of the date.) Sometimes, we wear our jammies...
Monkey Jammies! And much fleece...brrr! It was cold!
...we have a proper Festivus pole...
Isn't it ironic how close it sits to an outlet?
Festivus poles do not get lights...
...and we air our grievances!...
How has 2012 disappointed you?
...because we are a  couple bunch of wild and crazy guys knitters!

We've already had our party. What are you doing for Festivus this year?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

O Christmas Tree (felt edition)

I've now got two Christmas trees up in my house! You see, I knew that Peanut was coming to visit for Christmas, and I knew that this curious toddler would LOVE to play with my Christmas tree, and I also knew that many of my ornaments were not of the "toddler-safe" when I saw THIS IDEA online, I pinned it, and I copied it, lickety-split! This is what I came up with:
My tree is a little short and squat...
but guess what? So am I!
Anxiously awaiting their arrival, I cut out the tree first, and put it on the wall using command picture hanging strips (the "toothy" side grabs the felt really well, without damaging it). Then I printed off this pattern page, and free-handed the stars. I don't know why I am comfortable free-handing stars and not is what it is, as always! Finally, I sat myself down on the sofa to wait and to cut out the ornaments. I got them all done (in between the jumping-up-to-see-if-I-heard-their-car-door-every-30-seconds) before their, this was a pretty quick project (took a little under 2 hours from first cut to last)!

I really wish that I could show you a picture of Peanut playing with her own "Santa tree" (as she calls it), but she's a quick toddler these days! The photos are few and far between, and this Gramma is gonna hafta work on her "quick draw" with the camera before Christmas morning, to say the very least! But know that my "Santa treed" are surviving the visit, the grand-dogs and Peanut...and we are all having fun with felt! Mork likes to knock off the ornaments to see how long it takes me to put them back...with my OCD-nes, it's a pretty funny game! (Even I can see the funny in that!)

Christmas is getting close, and I'm excited! I hope that your plans are coming together, and that December 25th finds you content and in good company, too! Be well, and I'll see you tomorrow!

Do you have any un-finished, holiday projects?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Is it snowing yet?

Maybe it's not snowing outside (and maybe it is), but it's not like that's the end of the world! (Ba-dum-bump!) After all, I can whip up a snowstorm any time I like. 
By the way, it was totally snowing outside
when I posted this! lol!
Over the years, I've had lots of snow globes. As I took out the decorations this year, I was disappointed to find that I only have one left that is undamaged. :( I was pretty bummed to get out my globes and find them full of yucky, brown stuff floating around with the "snow" in there...I suppose I knew it could happen, but I never thought it would happen to me! Oh, well. I still have one left. =D

You know what else? It lights up!
This was a gift a couple years ago, and I love the way Mr. and Mrs. Snowpeople are huddled around that fire, but I worry about them. Did they not see Frosty the Snowman? Don't they know what happpens to snow people when it gets all toasty and warm? Boy, I hope they don't go into the greenhouse, with all the pretty Christmas!

In my house, it's all warm and toasty. The kids have come for a visit, and I am soooo thankful for that. If it snows outside as a bonus this week, yay for that so close to Christmas! And if I have to drive in the snow, well...pray for me! (Pray for everyone else on the road, too...slippy-slidey driving on winter roads kinda freaks me out!) 

Does it snow where you live?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's the Icing on the Cookie!

I know, I know. The saying is "icing on the cake," but for me, it's all about the cookies...gingerbread cookies! There is only one icing that I use for my gingerbread houses, and THIS IS IT! That's right, that was the link. Go back to the bold THIS IS IT, and click on it for the recipe. I'll wait while you take a look...

This is the icing I have used since I started with the gingerbread houses, and it works very well. I have heard a lot of people complain that the icing that comes with the Gingerbread House Kits you can buy just doesn't set up very well...but this stuff, this stuff is good. As with many glues, there are some spots where you do have to take a minute and wait...but that's life, right? Why would gingerbread be any different? 

As I said on Tuesday, the baking is an adult job, and I'm going out on a limb to say that construction is too. My Dollface has helped, and she is very good, but she's in her 20s now. When she was young, notsomuch. It's just not an instant gratification kind of thing. Keep this in mind, especially if you are working with small children. Even now, she still hasn't done it often enough that she knows exactly what comes next, and she also has not mastered the art of reading my mind. Perhaps that last part is a good thing, in general, though!

Back to our've baked your house pieces (or purchased a kit), and you have a big batch of fresh Royal Icing, some of it loaded into a bag with a decorating tip...and here we go!

First, decide what you want to build your house on...are you taking it to Grandma's? Or is it staying home? I often take mine with me on Christmas day, and I hate feeling like I have to get a dish or pan back later, so I keep some of those cake rounds you can get by the party supplies on hand. 

Then I lay out my house pieces to do some pre-decorating. (Again, the icing dries pretty fast, so by the time I am done with this step, I am just about ready to put the thing together.)
I add candy glass to the windows on the "inside" of the walls,
then I turn them over to draw doors and window frames.
When these are pretty dry, I add more wet icing,
and dip in green and red sprinkles for garlands,
and I "hang" the wreaths where I want them.
While the icing dries and sets up some more, I cover one of my cake rounds with either tin foil or Press N'Seal. I like the latter better, because...well, look how pretty!
Then I draw a rectangle on the board, same size the bottom of my house will be. Using a BIG decorating tip, I pipe one of the long lines and one short, and I squish the walls in place on top of the icing. (With only two hands, I could not get photos of these steps...sorry. Use your instincts, and you'll do fine.) When you've got them just where you want them, squish a line of icing into the inside corner (inside the house), and hold the pieces in place until they start to feel like they can stand alone. Add in the other two pieces, and repeat the line of icing on the inside corners. When they all seem to hold well, stand back and take a breath...stretch a little. You've earned a tiny break. :)
Now, it's time for the roof! (I know, that last picture has part of the out of order. Forgive me?) Anyway, the roof is just like the walls, except there's more gravity to work against. Pipe some icing on each angled part of one side of the end pieces, and place the roof carefully, holding it in place...don't let go yet! Get that icing, and do all three interior corners that you've just created (two where roof meets angles, and one where roof meets long side of house). Don't be afraid to use too cannot reinforce the inside joins on your last roof piece, so this one is your "helper" for the life of the house! When it feels like this roof piece is staying on it's own (it takes awhile), pipe a good amount of icing on the four edges that will hold the other roof piece in place, and set it on. Remember, you have to hold it there!
If you need to, reinforce either roof piece with icing on the outside of the house, under the roof and/or down the center of the peak. Remember, this house doesn't have to survive a building's just gotta stand up until the kiddies can add the candy and present it to Grandma!

This is actually where I stopped this year. I have two houses built, just waiting for my dear Peanut to be ready to decorate! I let my houses "dry" for a few hours before wrapping them in plastic to store them until we are ready to decorate. The plastic is partly to keep the gingerbread from soaking up moisture in the air, and partly to keep Cat 1 and Cat 2 out of them.

Wow! Since I stopped there with the houses, I'm gonna stop here with the blog for today. Go do some gingerbreading with your family! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Recipe for Christmas...

Well, this is not a recipe for actual's a recipe for Gingerbread, which is kindof like's sweet (like the children), and crunchy (like some of your extended relatives), and highly anticipated by my family each year (like the gifts)!

Go here now for the recipe...but come back for some helpful hints!

First hint - 
It takes a long time to bake the gingerbread. I budget 3 hours for 1 batch when doing houses, and the same amount of time if doing a half-batch of just cookies. Don't try to rush. Just enjoy the process. Maybe bake on Friday or Saturday, and save the decorating for the next day.

Second hint - 
Watch your gingerbread in the oven! If you roll one pan even a little thinner than the last pan, it can bake a LOT faster! Of course, if you want to check your smoke detector, don't pay any attention to this hint!

Third hint -
Trim after baking...use your banana knife! (Well, it doesn't have to be a banana knife, but it does need to be a good, sharp knife.) If you don't trim, your house might not fit together properly later.
But seriously, use a banana knife if you can!
Fourth hint
Save the baking for an adults only event. It's not that much fun for the kids, and there is no candy involved. Also, keep some of that aloe stuff (that you put on a sunburn) in the kitchen. Between the hot pans and trimming the hot cookies, you're gonna burn yourself eventually. But that aloe stuff is great, and even though I was "Burnin' Down the House" like a talking head a couple days ago, I didn't get a single blister.

Last hint - 
When you trim up your baked pieces, keep the trimmings on a little plate for sampling. 
There's almost nothing worse on building day than to find that someone has eaten one of the roofs!

Construction tips tomorrow!

Are you going to make your own gingerbread house this year?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Burnin' Down the House...

So, you know that I make gingerbread, and gingerbread houses, and that I have been doing this for several years. Because of this, you might assume that I actually know what I am doing, and most days I would agree with that assumption. This week, however, the gingerbread has humbled me.

I started strong, with the melting...
Shortening, sugar and molasses...sweet!
...and the mixing (I'll pt up the recipe in a couple days, I promise!).
I spice my cookies with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.
Even the rolling...
I roll out my gingerbread with my grandma's rolling pin.
This makes me exceedingly happy. :)
...and the cutting out went very well!
I have pattern pieces cut from cardboard for this part.
But then (oh!, the tragedy!) when I opened the oven on my second pan...
Ack! What happened?
You see, the gingerbread should really look like this when it comes out of the oven:
Golden, warm cookie...yummm!
But too many of my pieces looked like this instead...
Too dark...and blotchy? Whaaaa?
I'm still not exactly sure what happened, but suffice to say that gingerbread can be really gotta watch it! And even though that first pan took 10 minutes to bake (the roofs are the largest pieces, so I usually do them first, and they can take longer), that next pan may only take 5-7 minutes.
I think I can still use most of my pieces...after all, I'm going to
cover them with icing and candy, so it should be fine. :)
On the positive side of things, I know that my new smoke detector works! It works like a charm...(sigh!)

How have the Holidays humbled you this year?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingerbread Weekend!

I love Gingerbread Weekend! I love it almost as much as Christmas! Well, that's not entirely true, but Gingerbread Weekend is a big part of my Christmas prep each year, and I love THAT! This year was no exception, and I'm going to tell you all about it this week. :) But first, here's a picture of something new that I did over Gingerbread Weekend 2012:
OMGosh! The hats and mittens turned out soooo cute!
In years past, it's been all about the houses...even to the point that, when I wanted to just make cookies, I searched high and low for house cookie cutters! So every year there are gingerbread houses, but some years they involve far less construction! (Saves me money on general contractors! lol!) That's usually all the roll-and-cutting I will normally do...I guess I'm just too lazy to do a lot of cutout cookies most years...until now.
Tiny sugar pearls on the snowflakes!
This year, there are snowflakes, hats, mittens and socks, tiny trees and gingerpeople, and candy canes. "The little ones," says Mr. Pretty, "are like 'ginger chips!' Mmmmm!" This box of gingerbread, all decorated and ready to meet new friends, just makes me happy. =D After spending much of the weekend on my feet, cooking and baking and building and decorating (my feet hurt, but my heart is full of sugary-ginger-JOY!), that's a good thing.

Stay tuned for more details on what went on around here this weekend (and details about two gingerbread houses) throughout the week...I'll even share my recipes!

Thanks for stopping by! Can I offer you a cookie?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

10 Days before Christmas...

Remember the memories? Well, this has finally happened:
They were not the best cookies, yet we managed
to polish them off with no problem at all...
So, I did what any nostalgic person in this generation of my Italian-American family who has the recipe on hand would do, and I made some of these:
I know that Grampa used a metal cookie pan, but
I love my baking stones!
...and now I have completed the circle of cookie life!
I'm nothing if not nostalgic when it comes to food...
I am generally a pretty content grown-up. But on the inside, 10 days before Christmas 2012, I am 10 years old and sitting at my Grandparents' table, having a cookie. Life is good!

Are you making new memories this December?

Friday, December 14, 2012

O Christmas Tree! (ornament edition)

A few days ago, I shared with you my cats' Christmas ornament, so today I'm sharing my newest faves to hang on the tree! 
I did! Really!!!
...and one more...
Oooh! Knitting and BEADS! Beautiful!
Again, it's more plunder from the party, and I put them on the tree before I had put that party day to bed...then I took a shower with my homemade, cinnamon soap, and settled into a bit more knitting before moving on with the rest of the Christmas season. What a great way to kick it off!

How have you kicked off your holiday season?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thanks! I needed that!

Yesterday, I shared with you the plunder from the party. There was a big pile o'stuff under my tree, and Mr. Pretty was rolling his eyes. Sometimes that's just what I need. Seriously. I mean, I get all caught up in my knitting or sewing or goofing off on the computer, and I need him to bring me back to earth, otherwise I miss out on all the stuff the non-knitters that I love are doing. So, thanks for that, Mr. Pretty, I needed it!

But sometimes, I'm just knitting along, stitches flying from my needles like this lady (it's almost 7 minutes, but more than pretty good, and you'll gain valuable insight into the mind of the knitter you love!):
...and then I come to the end of my rope yarn, and I'm not sure what to do. You see, I have a LOT of yarn. Yes, well so did she. And, when I come to the end of my yarn, I usually have my scissors handy. Yes, well so did she. Unlike the lady in that video, though, I think I still have a grip on reality. I know that I will survive if I stop knitting. But, very much like her, when I put down the needles, sometimes my hands keep going. Sometimes, I just don't want to stop. I like my lap full o'knitting! 
I love a long scarf as much as the next gal, and I will keep knitting until I run out of yarn, but then what? What if I don't have a yarn needle handy to weave in the ends? Do I just let down my hair and keep knitting that, leaving you all wondering whether I will start to unravel my sweater to keep going when my hair is gone? No! I never want to be that close to the knitting cliff! So, this is what I do with my weaving needles so that I always have one on hand!
It's just a tiny sock that I have attached with a piece of yarn to my scissors, and I have one of these on almost all of my knitting scissors. I love mine so much, that I decided to make them for my knitting friends, too! This is how I packaged them up for the stockings at the party:
These are a little bigger than my original sample, but same idea!
Oh, and I added chocolate to the package, because
you can never go wrong with kisses!
I knitted 19 little socks out of leftover sock yarns,
I found some Christmas light beads,
so I made stitch markers, too!
...and I put them on split rings and a hook, so they're easy to attach to your scissors or knitting bag. Now I know 19 knitters who will always have a needle on hand while they're knitting...well, unless they lose their scissors! If that happens, all bets are may be the last knit! Aaargh!
C'mon! You know you want to make one!!!
If you're always losing your needle, I'm sure you could make a needle sock of your own...the simple info for all the sock knitters out there is this:
----- Fingering yarn, sz. 1 needles
----- Work a tiny sock using your fave sock methods!
----- (the ones I gave away are 20 sts around, 
----- and the tiny one is 12 sts around)

Toe up or top down, it doesn't matter! And don't worry about loose or tight sts at the cast on/bind off...this sock doesn't have to fit anyone, and you don't have to neatly weave in your ends either! A quick and useful item for any knitter (or crocheter!). =D

Thanks for stopping by, and knit never know when it might be your Last Knit! Quick! Where's your scissors? needle? yarn?

Knit in Good Health, friends!