Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Lifetime Ago

I remember where I was a lifetime ago, at 7:30pm. 

I was doing laundry when my water broke. Mr. Pretty was giving Mork a bath, and I was folding whatever had been in the dryer. At 7:30pm, I bent over to retrieve the next item, and I felt it...not a "whoosh!," but more of a "trickle." I finished folding and took a shower. After all, I was 9 months pregnant, and my bladder was not as reliable with a giant uterus pressing on it...maybe I just peed a little? Once in the shower, I was certain that I did not need incontinence gear, but a trip to the hospital sounded like a good idea.

We packed bags, took Mork to his designated sitter, and hopped I sat gingerly in the car for the trip (at least 30 minutes away, with train tracks in a couple places). I was eager and anxious, and getting more so as the contractions began. They intensified quickly, and once at the hospital, everything happened so fast...

"Wow this hurts! They seem really close. Can I have pain meds?"

"No, you're not dilated enough... (quick physical exam) Wait, she's ready, give her the meds..." (pain meds administered through IV)

"Did you give them to me? I think it's time to push...?"

"No, you're only at 6cm... (checks again) NO, let's get her to delivery, NOW!"

All in all, the labor was just over 3 hours, starting during the laundry. Dollface entered the picture, screaming her healthy lungs out, at 10:37pm. I'll probably be sleeping at 10:37 tonight, but I'll be dreaming of a baby Dollface:
I thought that first 6 weeks went slow.
I was sooo mistaken.
She's still cute today, all grown up! She's even cute with a mustache...
Friends are good. Friends who let you
use their hair as a mustache
She's so young. When I was her age, I was giving birth to my second child...weird. I love you, Dollface! Happy Birthday!

(No pressure here, Dollface. You and Snake will have kids when you are ready...and someday you will also be twice as old as your "baby." THERE's something to look forward to!)

When we left the hospital with our newborn Dollface, one of the nurses leaned in real close to me in the wheelchair, and she said, "Honey, if you have any more babies, and your water breaks at home, I want you to lie down and call 9-1-1...the next one will come faster." Yikes. We did not test that theory. Dollface is our "baby," and she has been in a hurry since before she was born. 

Today, Dollface is exactly half my age. That is to say that I was her age when she was born. Wow! Where have the years gone? Wherever they've gone, they've gone in a hurry... 

Are you in a hurry for anything?

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