Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where'd Pretty GO?

So, I finished an Amazing Sweater and a couple Kitty Cat Hats, and then I disappeared in the middle of a pair of socks...what happened?  Well, the short story is that I had a little operation, and I'm still working on the recovery.  (If you want the longer story, it's HERE.)  But after just a little more than a month, Pretty's back!

Insert applause here.  Please.  
After 5 weeks with no blog comments, I need the validation. 

You might think that I must have gotten mucho knitting done during 5 weeks of recovery time, and I did get quite a few small things done.  Not as much as I had hoped, but I forgot to figure in the heavy pain meds, and a visit from Peanut (and her parents) in weeks 4 and 5...
Oh, and the naps...I didn't figure in the naps! I needed (and I took) quite a few of those along the way. I wanted to knit, to knit like the wind...but try as I might, I fell asleep with needles in my hands more often than I care to admit. I wanted to do other things, too..after all, my recovery included more down time in my own house than I've had in over a decade. But Sweetie took good care of me, and kept me from overdoing it. As a matter of fact, I spent a LOT of time looking at this guy:
Ain't he just dreamy? Well, he's definitely my dream guy, and he was a big help so I could rest and recover. And even with two or three naps a day, I did start and finish a few things! For starters, there were new toys for Peanut, like these Stackable Cats from Anna Hrachovec:
Oh, and I eventually finished those socks, plus another pair in the same yarn:
There was more, but I'm still recovering, and all this blogging has really worn me out this morning! I think I am going to go grab a teensy nap, and dream sweet dreams of the "Farewell Tonsils and Uterus" cake one of my local knitters brought to knit night for me (and a friend who had a tonsillectomy scheduled the same day as my hysterectomy) the week before surgery:
Friends who will have a tonsillectomy in support, and
or decorate a cake to mark the occasion,
are very good friends indeed!
I promise I'll tell you all about all of the other knitting that has happened in the next blog post or two.  For now, I hope that you are well, and that you are finding time to get in all the knitting (and napping) that your heart desires!  

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Those toy kitties are just the cutest things ever! I'm surprised your cats haven't appropriated them for their enjoyment purposes. Glad you are back on your feet!

  2. Nice to see you this weekend! Glad you're recovering!

  3. Glad you are back and posting. May the naps and knitting continue!