Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm hooking again.

Yep.  You read that right.  I'm back to the hooking.  

Oh, it's been awhile.  I even thought, for a brief time, that perhaps I would finally walk away from it for good...but apparently, it's in my blood.  I mean, I've been doing it since I was grandmother (my dad's mom) taught me everything I needed to know, then she sent me to the streets.  I've been hooking, on and off, ever since then.  But, no matter how long I've been away, I always fall right back into it.  I suppose that you can take the girl out of the city, but you can't ever totally take the hooker out of the girl.  Here's a picture that might help you understand why I keep going back:
Afghans beg to be crocheted!  This motif, with it's little hearts, is
just perfect for a gifting occasion that will soon be on my horizon!
You see, with the knitting, the fabric is thin and drapey and textured on the right side, but it takes quite awhile to get a substantial piece of fabric.  In CROCHET (hooking...), an afghan square is a small piece that can be worked up in an hour or two, and it's even a good craft for the hottest of summer days!  (When I get to piecing the thing together, air-conditioning will be my best friend!)  As a bonus, while there is a wrong side to a crochet piece, it's usually just as pretty as the front, and only another crocheter would be likely to notice if you tossed it on the sofa with it's backside exposed...  

Psst!  Shirley!  Look at that afghan, with it's backside hanging out!  In my day, that kind of indecency was against the law!

Yes, the charms of hooking have lured me back to the mean streets, and into the yarn  shops, for another lovely afghan.  Of course, that doesn't mean that I have abandoned the knitting, no, Sir-reee!  As a matter of fact, I've even cast on a New Project in the last few days...a blanket for a dear friend's doll bed.
There will actually be two of these when I am finished.  Enamored by the crochet, I was sure that these small projects would fall into the hooking category, at first.  However, when I decided on the yarns, I just HAD to knit them...I mean, crochet is fine and good, and I love it...BUT, this yarn begs to be knit!  How can I argue with the yarn?  I just don't have it in me, to tell you the truth, to argue with any yarn...but especially a yarn that is shouting what it wants to be!!!

So that's where it sits for me.  Still knitting, hooking a bit too, and really trying to keep cool in these dog-days that are summer in NE Ohio!  Is it hot where you live?  What do you knit when it's hot?  I hope that you are keeping cool, and that your summer is not too much hotter than you like it.

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!  


  1. You are soo wild and crazy! LOL!

  2. Alrighty, what do you want to tell us about this afghan with hearts that you have not told us yet. Come on. Cough it up. You know you want to...