Saturday, July 14, 2012

Got it covered!

I've got it covered over here in Pretty-ville!  

You've got what covered?

The beds.  More specifically, the doll's beds!  So excited...

Wait, you still play with dolls?

No, silly!  Don't you remember?  A friend asked me to make blankets for some American Girl I did!  Here they are:
They turned out FABULOUSLY!  I have seen this yarn over and over, and I've always wanted to try it...if you can't tell by this post, I LOVE IT!  So pretty!  And for kids' toys, acrylic is a really good choice...tough and lovely.  :)  I also love that this is a lighter weight yarn, so the "scale" of the smaller stitches is right for dolls...can't wait to hear how the girls like them.  

Know what else I've got covered?  I started the new blog.  (squeee!!!)  Check it out at THIS LINK.  This one's all about family, love, memories and all that fun stuff that comes with being part of any family, functional or otherwise.  Follow or not, your choice, both blogs will be active...and I love to hear your comments (and commiseration, as necessary!).  (:

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit (and read blogs) in Good Health!  


  1. So cute!!! I'm (as always) a little jealous of your insane creative bone :)

  2. Great blankets! now I'm off to read another blog . . . .