Saturday, June 30, 2012

Messy, Messy, Messy!

What is this mess?
It's the Baseball Sweater, of course!  It looks pretty messy, all shoved into my knitting bag after knit night on Thursday, but I still had to take a picture.  You see, I reached a goal (two of them even) at knit night this week - Go, Me!  The first goal was to finish knitting sleeve 1 of the Baseball Sweater...done!  And my second goal was to knit through at least half of the second sock of my Racing for the AHA socks...done!  Yayyyyy!
Check the project page to see proof that sock #1 is finished!
There was another goal...I was almost finished with the letter W, and I really wanted to finish the knitting on Thursday, even if it didn't get stuffed right away...but (tragedy of tragedies) I ran out of yarn!  SNIFF!!!  I didn't have any yarn that was an exact match, but I did have some green that was only a couple shades off, so I managed to finish this letter up, stitched and stuffed as well, yesterday!
I'd show you the back, with the un-matchy yarn, but I don't think
I can bring myself to take a makes me twitch a little.  =/
Sooo, the sweater's a mess, the socks (with all the ends to weave in) are a mess, and the W is a mess, with one leg that doesn't match in the back...BUT, I reached THREE knitting goals this week.  That means that it's time for a treat, right?!?  What better way is there for the knitter to treat herself than to snatch up some pretty (and NEW and FREE) yarn in the Year of the Knitted Toy?
Yeah, one of my buds got her hands on skeins and skeins like this
that were destined for a dumpster.  Now, several are in my stash,
longing to become toys and kid afghans...Where are my needles and hooks?
Of course, there are other ways the knitter could treat herself...there's ice cream...and I had some of that on Thursday, too.  What can I say?  My friends and I know how to live...and 7 days without Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream makes one weak, fer surrrre!!!  So, as not to anger the ice cream goddesses (surely there are several), three of us stopped at Mitchell's on the way home from was still 88*F at northeast Ohio!!!  Weird...but true.  

I hope that you and your knitting are staying cool as a cucumber this summer, wherever you live!  Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!