Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gee. . .That's a Little Odd. . .

Did you ever feel a little bit odd? A little bit off? Something was just not quite right enough that you just couldn't like it?  Did you ever feel that way with your knitting?  Occasionally, when reading through a pattern, I have that feeling.  I think to myself, "Surely that's not what the designer meant."  Sometimes that thought gets me into trouble...but sometimes it moves me to redesign the wheel, or the dishcloth!  

Remember Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth pattern?  Yes, just about every knitter I know has knit at least one of these, and if you Google that, you'll come up with several options, and most of them are the exact same pattern (which is one of the reasons I didn't offer a link here).  Every pattern starts out "Cast on 4..."  Four?  Four???  Really?  How can you make a corner with an even number of stitches?  The other thing it does, with that blunt corner of 4 stitches at the top and bottom, in the middle, the corners are only 1 row wide...1 row of 44 stitches...I just couldn't like it!  
I needed odd.  I needed design-like numbers, so I did a re-write.  Here's a Link to DOWNLOAD the pattern (pattern also below) for the new, the improved, Gramma's Dishcloth!!!  With it's rounded corners, and odd numbers (cast on 3, work to 45sts for 3 rows to round the other corners), I think you will like it. . .well, if you are anything like me, you will like it!

Veggie Tales -
Here are the goodies I got in my CSA Basket from That'll Do Farm this week!
Radishes, Lettuce and Kale - oh my!  More scapes and lemon verbena, and mint!  Ohhh, I see mint iced tea in my future, and more buttered radishes!  I've already sampled the radishes (again), and I can't wait to dig into the rest of these veggies later today!

In "Knitting Knews," I have been a bit fickle.  I still have not ripped out the front of the Baseball Sweater...I just can't face it, I guess.  In the meantime, here's what I have been working on (besides the cloth above):
For the Alphabet Soup, I have completed the letter G, leaving only 4 letters left out of 26!  The letters I still need to knit are K, L, N and W...I am thinking right now that the letter "L" will also be green.  :)  Already, I am finding the G all over the house, and I think he (she?) may be part cat, for his (her?) favorite place is in this sunny window!
Not to be outdone, some of my recent handspun also got in on the photo op!  This little lovely is llama fiber, spun (by me!) on a drop spindle and Navajo plied.  I showed it to you a couple posts ago...pre-washing, and here it is all soaked and dried and happy and fuzzy!
It's not much, and I'm not really sure what I am going to do with it, but isn't it lovely?  And isn't it funny how that next project is honing in on the photo?  It's a dishcloth.  A Christmas dishcloth, and I really am not sure why the obsession lately...can you tell what the picture is?
Again, I am apparently obsessed with the knitted dishcloths lately.  Not sure why, but I must have more cotton yarn, and I must knit more cloths.  NOW.  My friends are knitting socks and lace, and glorious beaded shawls.  Me?  I am downloading dishcloth patterns like a madwoman, and the knitting has only just begun...I'm really not sure if I'll ever finish that sweater...sigh!  But, I will never be in want of a dishcloth again!  (I don't think I have ever, ever been in want of a dishcloth.)

What's your latest knitting obsession?  Have you been sucked in by a shawl or a sock, or a mystery pattern?  Whatever it is, I hope that you love it as much as I am starting to love the humble dishcloth!

Thanks for stopping by, and knit in good health!


  1. I swear to you that I have knit literally DOZENS of the "Grandma's Favorite" dishcloths and always had the feeling that something wasn't quite right. You hit the nail right on the head! *LOL*

    My current knitting obsession is, oddly enough, knitting covers for my *drumroll please* Aircast. I broke my leg while on a hike last month and have become so bored with the appearance of my cast that I knit a cover for it. I'm currently knitting the second one and hope to finish it sometime this weekend.

    Thanks for "fixing" the dishcloth pattern! As soon as I finish my cast cover I'm going to cast on a dishcloth with your improvements!

  2. I'm making my fourth shawl collar cardigan, but this time, scaling it down for child size. I never knitted a dishcloth because that's my mom's thing. She usually gives me a bale of dishcloths for Christmas.