Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I once knit my daughter a hat.
She models it here, with her cat.
--- But the hat was too tight,
--- She'd like slouchy and light...
That one made her hair go all flat.

So I promised to knit her another.
After all, I am one knitting mother.
--- But I ran out of wool,
--- Before the hat’s length was full,
So I asked her to bring me the other.

I figured I’d rip out the stitches,
Creating more yarn, not more glitches;
--- And she said she would bring it –
--- But she hasn’t...well, dang it!
I wish I could know what the hitch is…

For, until I get that other hat,
The one that makes her hair flat,
--- This project, it snoozes;
--- Hibernation, it chooses;
And I guess, all in all, that is that.

Long story short (too late, I know), I made her a scarf and mittens last winter.  This past winter, she asked for a hat to match, so I bought yarn and set out to knitting a lovely hat, one that matches.  When I ran out of the yarn I had left over, I started to beg her to bring me the other one, so I could pirate that yarn and finish the new hat…that was sometime in late January…I am finally going to admit defeat, and put this project into hibernation…at least until I get that hat back!  lolz!

All is not lost on the project however.  I did finish knitting a letter “Z” last week, so I can give this hat a proper hibernation photo...  
...and I am making some progress on the Baseball Sweater...more about that next time.  For now, thanks for stopping by, and knit in good health!

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