Saturday, May 5, 2012

Duck, Duck, Quilt!

Over the past month, I have made a new friend.  A Mama Mallard has nested under a bush near the building where I work.  She laid 11 eggs.  At first, I used my zoom lens to take photos of her and her nest, but she must have grown to trust me, because she lets me get really close, and I did not use a zoom lens or crop these photos at all...
On Friday morning, I took this photo of the first hatchling, just minutes after it escaped it's eggshell and moved under the mama for warmth:
And a little later, still under Mama's protective care, but all fluffy now:
By the time I left work yesterday, I could see four empty eggshells, but all of the babes were apparently safe and sound under the really new photo ops there, so I went home and grabbed some pics of my latest non-yarny creation, a t-shirt quilt for a friend! A couple nights ago, I turned a pile of shirts into a stack of squares...
Then I cut sashing fabric and threaded Old Faithful...
It was so fun to watch this come together, piece by piece...
I love the way this is turning out!
The top is nearly done, and I am planning to back it with cozy's going to be the softest, coziest, funnest quilt I've ever put together!  In fact, my only regret with this quilt is that I will have to call it finished at some point, and I'd kindof like to work on it forever!  (No worries...Snake would like his MIL to make him one, too!)

I hope to get some work done on this later today, but I have been missing my baseball sweater.  It's a tough pattern, but I am starting to really like how it's turning out!
So, that's my week, in a nutshell (or an eggshell, I suppose!).  I hope that you are finding time to do what you love, even if you are busy!  Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Yay for the baby ducks arrival!

  2. Baby ducks! They are almost as cute as swans. If I had a pond, I would have both.