Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Big Finish!

It's been a busy week for Pretty!  
I had a birthday, check out my new knitting bags:
The one on the left is from Peanut and her mommy...a new knitting bag for Gramma Pretty!  And the one on the right is from Connie, who knows of my cupcake awesomeness!!!  Super yay!

I also had jury duty and a doctor's appointment this week.  Not nearly as much fun as a birthday, and no cake involved in!  But that's life.

Most of the rest of this week has been uneventful...well, except for Thursday. On Thursday, one of my "knittahs" finished an epic project!  She's been working on this Girasole shawl since she joined the group.  It's miles and miles of lace (in fancy, lace-weight yarn), and this week, a few of us had the privilege to bear witness as she finished binding off about a-gazillion stitches!  

So, what does a doll-faced, redheaded knitter do when she finally finishes a project of this proportion?  Well, first, she spreads it out on a large table, letting her friends oooh! and aaah! their hearts out, with exclamations of "Stunning!" and "Beautiful!" and "OMGosh, that is gorgeous, and it isn't even BLOCKED yet!!!"
Then, she and a trusted friend are very, very careful as they remove the lifeline that has saved her sanity more than once...
...and she gets very close to the stitches, admiring each one and barely containing her joy!  She has spent hours, and days, and years knitting this wool into a garment of warmth and comfort and healing and triumph!  (This knitter, not unlike many in our group, has seen some rough patches over the last few years. . .the knitting has helped us all through some of those!)
Finally, before we all leave for the holiday weekend, there are final shouts and cheers for the photo finish of the epic Girasole, and the redheaded, doll-faced knitter who produced it!
Oh, and there are plans to celebrate Easter by blocking this shawl, on Sunday afternoon. . .it's gonna be a party!  Congrats to you, CrazyCrafter!  May you Knit, and wear your new shawl, in Good Health always!

Thanks for stopping by to read and share the joy here.  I hope that you will also be sharing time with family this weekend, and I wish you many finished projects and much joy as you Knit in Good Health, yourself!


  1. Yay for the finishing of the epic shawl!!!

  2. Yay! Great post Pretty! Happy Birthday to you and congrats to CrazyCrafter on the AMAZING shawl. Can't wait to see it blocked!

  3. I'm happy to have been there when it was finished. I'm sure she's wondering what to do with herself now that it's done. Well, there's the blocking, of course, but the knitting is done. Glad you like the bag, too. :-)