Saturday, February 11, 2012


I know that this is not a shock to you, but iBlog.
I blog a lot...twice a week, in fact!
Also not a shock, iKnit!  
As a matter of fact I knit the letter "I" this week!
Since I had already knit an "A" and an "E," it seemed only natural to knit an "I" next...can you keep a secret?  Ok, then...would you like to buy an "O," round and neat?  A nearly perfect circle, tidy and'll cost you just a nickle...  Well, I'll be knitting an O soon, so look for me and my trench coat in a couple days.  On second thought, I might keep the O.  Who knows?

So, iBlog and iKnit.  Oh, and iBuy too.  My latest purchase involves evoL.  You see, my friend Cozy makes bags that are good to hold knitting (or other things, they are very versatile that way!).  Well, Cozy listed a bag last week that is supposed to say Love in beautiful batik...only it doesn't.  Poor cozy doesn't have cats to help settle her brain between projects.  That's ok, though, because now the bag she made is not just for Valentine's Day...take a look:
Yes!  You are evoLy, indeed.  So much so that I have already filled you with a project...a hat and mittens for Peanut!
With another winter holiday upon us, I feel the kneed to knit for that girl's knoggin, and here I go!  In general, knitting is better for me than chocolate, so I am pretty happy to have a project going right now!

Don't forget that February is for Finishing, and go enter Jeanne's contest!  (I finished an A, an E and an I this week!)  

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

Today's blog post is brought to you by Vintage Sesame Street.  
Hmmm, I wonder what Gordon and Maria are up to these days...


  1. It's the evoL bag! My seagull minions are on their way....

  2. And you say it's all about the cats, eh? By the way, you need to keep an eye on Julie. I think she's eyeing your new bag!