Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alphabet Soup!

I have noticed many ambitious bloggers planning their posts alphabetically, with a new letter for each consecutive post, to the tune of 26 posts.  That's ambition and commitment!  Me, I'm not that committed...but I think I can get through the alphabet in this, heee-eeere she goes!

A is for Alphabet Soup, my newest project on Ravelry.  I have finished my first letter...
...and I am well on my way with the second!  (I'm starting with the vowels.)
B is for Bubble.  I like bubbles.
C is for Cookie.  Are you with me?
D is for can see her profile here! (along with the rest of the fam!)
E is for E (see Alphabet Soup above) and Etsy.
F is for Friends, found on Facebook, Ravelry, name it!
G is for Gramma, I am one!
H is for Hat.  See the hat?
I is for Indigo, and all of the colors that make knitting fun.
J is for Juggling, which I mostly do with time.  With chainsaws, juggling gets messy.
K is for Keepsakes.  Do you save them too?
L is for Love...and Valentine's Day is right around the corner!
M is for Mork AND Mindy!  (By the way, I am so proud of Mindy...see "T" below!)
N is for Nosy, which is what I am on Facebook, Ravelry, name it.
O is for One & Only.  There's only one Pretty!
P is for...say it with me...PEANUT, of course!
Q is for Quiet...something overrated and under-appreciated at the same time.
R is for Reality, which I sometimes need to check.
S is for Snake (see "D" above for details) and Sweetie!
T is for birthday Tutu, made for Peanut by Mindy, with nothing more than a picture and an online tutorial...I think her mother-in law may be rubbing off on her...and I am so proud of her crafty skillz!!!
U is for Under the gun...twice a week to get the blog out on time, and once a year to get the Christmas knitting done!  lol!
V is Very, Very extraordinary...wait, that's a song, not a blog.
W is Wishy-Washy...or what I suddenly become when I try to pick a pattern.
X is for Xylophone.  There are not many "X" words.
Y is for YOU!  Thanks for reading my blog!!!
Z is for "Zap!," which is what the knitting super-hero says each time she kicks your butt at craftiness...right, Standby-Go?

There you have it.  Alphabet Soup for a Wintry Wednesday!  I hope that you enjoyed it, because I'm pretty impressed that I made it through all the letters!!! Oh, here's another spoonful, from typing class...

The quick, grey fox jumped over the lazy, brown dog.  

Yeah, I totally rock.  By the way, it totally took me two or three tries to type that, too...I am a fan of spell check!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit (and spell) in Good Health!

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  1. Cute! Love the birthday tutu for Peanut! Tell Mindy I am impressed by her!!!