Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Broken Purse :(

Here's the story, of a gal named Pretty
Who was saddened by a very broken purse...
So she went to buy a new one after Christmas,
Shopping for a purse can be the worst!

There are big ones, there are small ones, nice and pretty, 
But the one that fits her stuff looks more like this:
Out of date and out of season, it's no beauty,
But all her stuff went right inside and it all fits...
So she bought it, she bought the purse, 
Off the clearance rack she bought herself a purse!* (for $13.60)

*First she bought two purses at full, discounted prices for more than $30 each, which she returned yesterday morning, in a depressing ritual that's almost as bad as returning a too-small pair of jeans.  Why, oh why, is it so hard to buy a purse?!?

In Knitting Knews, here is the secretChristmasknitting that I could not show you last week!  Four hats for 3 nephews plus one girlfriend:
And one beard, for the nephew who mentioned it on Facebook, perhaps not realizing that his aunt was lurking:
 Oh, and one little bulky hat for a beautiful girl!  
Soooo, it was a five-hat, three-doll Christmas, and we had lots of fun!  I hope that your holiday celebrations have been grand, and that you continue to enjoy yourself throughout the rest of this year.

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

PS - What are you doing Saturday night?


  1. Love the beard! It came out great!

  2. Love the hats! And I'll second your pain at shopping for a purse. I've taken to boycoting them as much as possible these days.
    Merry Christmas/Happy New Year and we will do what we always do, have a nice family meal, maybe watch a movie and fall asleep by 10 pm

  3. Merry Christmas what will you do with your old one?