Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting My Stockings On!

When I was a little girl, I loved to wear stockings. Stockings (really more like leggings, with sturdy fabric for warmth under dressy dresses and skirts) meant that I was going someplace fancy, and I would most likely get to wear my "clicky shoes!" I loved my clicky shoes, the way they went tap-tap-tap on the kitchen floor, and how they were just slippery enough to slide a little when I would spin around fast, making my skirt flare out like the ballroom dancers on PBS (yes, it was a bit of a sheltered childhood). If my dress or skirt were shorter, I might pretend that I was an ice dancer at the Olympics, gliding over the "ice" gracefully...either way, I was so happy to wear stockings! (Sorry, Mom, for all those scuffs...the apology is better late than never...right?!?)

As I got older, stockings became a more delicate affair...there were runs to be dealt with (always carry clear nail polish), chafing "issues" because I would always lie to myself and buy the wrong size, and the ever present fear that I might have to...ahem...potty during the day, and that the stockings would not recover from the tugging and pulling involved in that operation.

Eventually, as an adult, I gave up on stockings. I still go to dressy events (very occasionally), and I am one of those women who will wear knee-highs under a very long skirt even though it's not cool (shhh!, don't tell). Mostly, though, I just skip the stockings altogether. I wore a pantsuit to my son's wedding, and went bare-legged to my daughter's wedding (gasp!, but it showed off my tattoo!), and no one seemed to notice my lack of stockings.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
I hereby declare that I officially never have to wear stockings again! Boo to all uncomfortable stockings!

Having made that declaration, I should confess that this is the time of year that my thoughts still turn to stockings, for sure...this kind:Festive receptacles for candy and small trinkets from the "Big Guy" in the red suit! And with new family members to think about, it was time to do some new stockings! Since Dollface just got married, and has set up her own housekeeping, she needs a new stocking:
Her loving husband Snake needs a new stocking as well!:And then there's Peanut! She is the newest of our new additions, and she's never had a stocking...let alone a hand-knit stocking from Gramma!

Wait. I don't see a stocking for Peanut. How can that be? Oh, I remember now...that's my weekend project for today and knitting, TV knitting, and knitting whenever I can fit it in...and then I will have a Peanut stocking to show you! :o) Wow! I'd better get to work so I can show you a new stocking in the next post (or the post after that, whatever).

Thanks for stopping by, Friends!
Happy Holiday Knitting (in Good Health) to you!


  1. I love how your stockings came out! I bought some Vanna's Choice for stockings for Ken and I last night!

  2. Awesome stockings! I have a hand-knit stocking that was made for me when I was a baby, and I still hang it up now nearly (50, shhhh) years later.

  3. Those stockings are beautiful! I've been meaning to make my kids stockings since... well since the year I was pregnant with my daughter. Maybe this will inspire me to actually do it! *Runs off to check her stash*