Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 weeks, and counting. . .

And so begins the crazy (she says, as though it is a new development). . .it is 5 weeks until the Pretty Knitty Wedding of Snake and Dollface, and the Pretty Knitty Mom has started to spaz! Maybe it was the dress fitting that set me off (all those pins! yikes!). . .
. . .or perhaps it's the way the Father of the Bride is just rolling with all of the plans, refusing to get stressed out (doesn't he know that I need him to be crazy, too?!? on second thought, maybe this is better). . .

*Sigh!* At least there is the knitting. . .

One of Snake's newest socks is finished, and the other is well on it's way. Now, the trick is to actually sit down once in awhile and KNIT!

So, that's where I am these days! Look for more countdown, and more crazy, in my Pretty Knitty life in the next 5 weeks! You are a brave, brave soul to stop into Pretty's "Crazies," and I thank you for checking up on me. . .so far, still sober.

Knit in Good Health!


  1. It'll all be okay. Remember, no wedding is perfect. The imperfections are what make it unique, and sometimes provide some really funny stories (a few years down the road, anyway).

    Love ya!

  2. All will be fine and in the end work out even though you feel crazy now! Just be sure you take a breath and ENJOY the craziness! It will be over before you know it!

    Hey is that Dave the picture with your Hubs isn't it?

  3. Deep Breath. And I will gladly join you in your craziness because that is what makes the world go round!

  4. GAH! I didn't know it was that soon! Good luck with all of the preparations. Enjoy it!