Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something to look forward to. . .?

Apparently I was chosen for Jury Duty. . .in a big city. . .
If you know me, and my directionally challenged status, you will recognize this as a problem. I got lost going to the bathroom yesterday. Sweetie recognized the problem as soon as he saw the notice. He let me fret for a bit, then he promised to make sure I get there unscathed if-and-when they actually ask me to come to the courthouse in the big-and-scary-city-place. Then, great guy that he is, he reminded me what's coming up this weekend - WOOL-A-PALOOZA 2011!

I love this annual fiber festival! This was me after last year's festival!
I get to see the Peanut tomorrow, that will help too. :o)

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!
(I sure hope they allow knitting at jury duty. . .)


  1. I hope they do - but fair warning, here at least, they do not. No knitting needles. You might be able to pull off a crochet hook, but the sign at our courthouse reads: No knives, guns, weapons, or knitting needles.

  2. Dawn can probably answer the knitting needle question. They do allow knitting looms, since another friend of mine said she made a bunch of baby hats the week she was on jury duty. BUT, since you're multicraftual, you'll probably be okay with a crochet hook. :-)

  3. You can do it Pam! The big city may be scary initially, but I know it won't beat you.

  4. Hope your jury duty is short and sweet. I got picked for a big criminal trial once. Hope I never do again. Deliberation was long and awful.

  5. Don't count on it. Although we may be more jaded here in D.C. area, where NO knitting needles are allowed. So check the website for what is and isn't allowed - cuz you don't want to trust your stuff with security who may or may not take care of it. I ended up reading a good book. Glad you get to see the peanut. How's the shawl?