Saturday, January 29, 2011

"B" is for Blogging

"B" is also for Baby! I am glad, because Army Boy and Wifey-Poo have a new baby on the way. . .very soon, now! You may recall that I took a "mental health day" on Wednesday (the day of "W"), and here is what I did.

I started with a purchased fabric kit to make a couple of bibs, a couple of burpees, and a baby wipe holder, like this:

But I really didn't like those fabrics as much as I liked these:

So I took my favorite pieces from the kit, and I traced the patterns onto newsprint. Then I cut out some flannel linings. . .

. . .and cotton prints for the fronts. . .

. . .and I stitched them together carefully (remembering 7th grade home economics, where I learned how to stitch around a curve on a piece of typing paper, with no thread in the simple singer). . .

. . .and, like a good little sewer, I pressed the seams before clipping the corners and curves. . .

. . .turning each piece inside out, and pressing again, before carefully top-stitching with pink threads. . .

. . .pressing one more time, then stepping back to admire my work!
"B" is for Baby, and Bib, and Burpee, and Beautiful!!!. . .oh, and Blogging!
There was also knitting, but that starts with a K, so more on that next time! Until then, thanks for stopping by, and Knit (or sew, or do whatever you love) in Good Health!
Today's blog entry is brought to you by the letter "B," and the number 13, and also by the anticipation of the sweet smell of a newborn grandbaby.


  1. Terrific use of your mental health day!! Grandbaby-To-Be is very lucky to have such a talented Grandmother!

  2. Those are SUPER cute! They came out great!

  3. How lovely, and what a great idea! No grandbabies in the foreseeable future but will fine this one away for when the time comes.