Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Year Bites the Dust. . .

Hey! Hey! Another year bites the dust! And another one's gone, and another one's gone, another year bites the dust! Hey! It's gonna get to you, and two-thousand ten is gone. . .

Hmmm, that's not quite how the song goes, I am sure. However, it's kinda how I feel today. . .I mean, I did manage to stay up to see Dick Clark last night (he looked a little better than the last time I saw him, yay!), and to watch all the people in Time Square, but it didn't feel like a celebration or a milestone. . .it just feels like another year has come and gone. . .

Don't get me wrong, it was a good year. Many knitting projects were finished in 2010, including 12 pair of socks that I vowed to complete last January! The last of these were the December Sa-weet Socks, started at the end of November, and they threatened to NOT be finished in December. . .but I made it!
It was a close one, alright, but not because they were difficult, or because I didn't like the knitting. . .neither of those things could be further from the truth! I loved knitting this pattern, Dolce, and the yarn (5th Avenue Socksation) was a dream, and I love the way they turned out! It was just all that holiday stuff that impeded the knitting time! LOL! But the holidays were good, too. . .I even managed some knitting for myself (besides the December socks). See exhibit 2. . .the 16 Cable Hat in Knit Picks Shamrock (color: Sullivan). This yarn is a heavy worsted, and probably thicker than the pattern intended, but I love the way it turned out! And it is warm!!! Sooo warm, in fact, that I could only keep it on for 5 pictures today! Maybe I can get some better shots in the next few days, but for now, that's what I got. Of course, my holidays have not been all knitting, as I mentioned earlier. . .in order to not fall asleep early, the family and I played some games last night (one of our fave things to do with College Girl and Snake)!
Rummikub is one of our favorite games, since College Girl and Army Boy were little people. . .and these days, everyone gets in on the fun! (Oh, and there is some occasional pouting when "we" are not winning. . .)
So there were games and family to help Pretty ring in the new year, and there has been knitting already in 2011! Today, I present to you my first FO of the year: A One-Row Scarf, cast on with a provisional edge and kitchenered together with a half-twist! Thank you Yarn Harlot for a lovely pattern, and thank you Cozy Spirit for a near-dusk yarn experience! I am going to wear this one to death!
The colors are really hard to photograph. . .here's a little more detail:
Finishing a scarf so early in the year leaves me with just one question:
What shall I cast on for now? The answer is (of course) another scarf! This time one for College Girl, who is living in envy of her sister-in-law's scarf! I got enough of this yarn to also make mitts. . .we don't want to take any chances with that green-eyed monster, now do we?
Well, I guess that's just about it for this first day of this fine, new year! Do I have any resolutions? Well, I have been thinking about that for the past week, and I don't really think so. I guess I am done with resolutions at this point in my life. . .I think I am pretty much on the right track with most things, but I recognize that there is always room for improvement.
If I really had to come up with at least one resolution. . .you know, if my life depended on it for some bizarre reason. . .I would resolve to just let myself (and others) off the hook more often. After all, not a single one of us is perfect. . .so, why not just do the best we can, and let the rest go. . .yes, that's my resolution!
Thanks for stopping by, and Happy New Year! Oh, and don't forget to Knit in Good Health!


  1. Happy New Year! That's a great resolution!!!

    I love how your scarf came out!!! I can't believe you finished it already!!

  2. Oooooooh, your scarf turned out beautifully! My yarn feels very honored to be made up so gorgeously!

  3. Oh - and I'm so tickled to see y'all play Rummicub. It's been one of our faves for eons. We played just a few weeks ago when my Army Guy son was here for a visit to introduce the new Mrs. Army Guy. Just one more reason I'm glad we found the table, LOL!

  4. Love the socks, love the hat, love the scarf, but dang that song brings back college memories of the neighbors from * playing it at full volume at awful hours. Repeatedly. LOUDLY. (No, louder.) They only owned two 45's upstairs, apparently. The earbud era does have its improvements!