Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving, Baby Shower, Christmas

So, this has been my mantra for the last few weeks:
Thanksgiving, Baby Shower, Christmas, ohm!

College Girl asks weekly if we can put up the Christmas tree, because I AM the type of person to put up my tree obscenely early, but I respond (ticking off the items on my fingers):
"Thanksgiving. . .Baby Shower. . .Christmas. . ."

The Christmas decorations fly at church, and I even help. But at home, I repeat (repeatedly),
"Thanksgiving, Baby Shower, Christmas. . ."

Thanksgiving comes and goes, while I continue to knit-in-secret and attempt to feed and nurture my family, all the while mumbling (slightly under my breath),
"Thanksgiving. . .Baby Shower. . .Christmas. . ."

A Wednesday comes, and I intend to blog. Thanksgiving is over. The Baby Shower is this weekend, most of the planning is done. Christmas is still a distant day in December-land. I almost forget to come to Blog-land to update my friends.

Say it with me this time:
Thanksgiving. . .Baby Shower. . .Christmas. . .ohm!

One more thing ticked off my list. Now I have blogged. I feel somewhat accomplished, but still slightly astonished at my yet-to-do list for the season. I am sure that the important stuff will get done, and the rest can wait until after Thanksgiving, Baby Shower and Christmas!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Knock Thanksgiving off your list. You are down to just Baby Shower, Christmas. A much easier list.

  2. Remember to breathe..You are so organized I am sure everything will go smoothly and the baby shower will be beautiful!

  3. Do we get to have pom-poms and matching outfits while we chant? I do the 'ohhhhmmmmm' part really well.