Saturday, July 17, 2010

Get Your Motor Running. . .

It has been hot, hot, hot here lately! Summer is definitely among us! One of Pretty Knitty's favorite parts of summer is riding on the bike!
We have had a motorcycle for most of our married lives, and we are happy when we get to take it out! When the kids were small, we did not get out on the bike very often. . .it's pretty hard to stuff an 8-year-old into a saddle bag! Once they started driving, and had a car to drive, Hubby and I got more and more opportunities. He drives, and I sit on the back, and it's one of my favorite modes of transportation! Sometimes I get a great view of the world. . .like this!
. . .or sometimes like this. . .
Admittedly, most of the time, this is the view I have! lol
But you just can't beat the feeling of speed on a motorcycle. . .not crazy, reckless speed, but in a car you really don't appreciate speed. You need the wind whipping around you to really feel the speed.
For the past couple of weeks, I have had a hankering to take a picture from my perspective as the passenger of this open-air vehicle. . .but, I have always been too chicken. I have butterfingers, and if I dropped my phone at 45mph, I would cry. . .alot. Maybe it was the extra-strong coffee, or maybe it was the orange creamsicle fudge I had for breakfast this morning, or perhaps I was just feeling a little reckless. . .I am not sure of the reason. . .but apparently today was my day to bravely document this part of my life. Either way, I still have the phone (as evidenced by pictures above), and now I don't feel like I have to risk it again - that's a win-win in my book!
Photo ops for me are usually much less risky than the back of a motorcycle. Take knit-night, for example. . .there is very little danger involved in whipping out a camera and shooting your friends while they snack and knit. . .or talk and play with the baby!
And, while a few of them balk a bit, even after that first flash goes off I can still get a couple more shots before people start rolling their eyes and leaving the room. I have good knitting friends.Speaking of The Knitting, look how far I am on the Harumi!!! I think I will make the arms a bit shorter than the pattern specifies (I think the model in the pictures must be pretty tall, and I am NOT), so I am almost to the lace on the first sleeve! Then the second sleeve, and miles and miles of applied I-cord edging. . .I hope I make it. On the up side of the endless I-cord, I am now fairly confident that I DO have enough yarn - YAY!
The other sweater I am working on is the Lutzling. . .just need to weave in the ends, sew on the buttons and wait for the baby now! Oh, the waiting is the hardest part!And now, a word from the cats:
Stay outta trouble, friends! And Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Good times knit night is always so much fun!!!! (Oh hey we're not all 80 year old ladies...imagine that!)And Fun Summer stuff!!