Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rainy, Sleepy Saturday

So, you may know that cats sleep a lot. . .especially if you have a cat. . .and many of the yarnigans I know have cats. . .yarn and cats, they go together. . .like naps on rainy Saturdays! And, it was a little dark and wet here today, and the cats have come up with a new event for the Catlympics. . .TANDEM NAPPING!
And while they slept, I took some photos of my new sweater! It is a Shapely Tank, knit in worsted weight cotton. I made some mods to the original pattern, as my yarn was heavier than the DK called for, and all of those mods are on my Project Page! I am pretty pleased, and I plan to wear this to church tomorrow. . .YAY!
Then, while I sat on the sofa with my Sweetie this morning, a cat weaseled it's way between us to really stretch out and get comfortable. Is she sleeping or unconscious? We are never really sure with this one! lol
As if in answer to our question, she decided to change positions, only slightly, and splay herself out in front of us on the floor! Such a funny, lazy kitty is she. . .
Watching that sleepy, purry kitty, Sweetie and I were having a hard time staying awake, so we decided on a road trip to the Rubbermaid store for some protection. . .for the YARN I just got last weekend. . .which was still sitting in the bags I had brought it home in, because I didn't have any more room in the basement bins to add it to the stash!
(Please note: This does not mean that I have a stash problem. I have been told by some very trustworthy sources that 5 or 6 sweaters' worth does NOT constitute a stash problem. . .that, and I can stop any time I want. . .really.)
I took the Snowflake Lace Socks I started yesterday along for the ride. . .
When we got to the Rubbermaid store, I was inspired by the shelves of potential yarn storage that stretched before me, like a lazy cat. . .and we shopped all 4 floors!
Sweetie carried our selections, and we ended up with some things for the kitchen. . .like a bread box, a dish drainer and another reusable water bottle. . .because you can never have too many water bottles OR coffee mugs. . .riii-ight??? Even though we have cupboards full of coffee mugs and water bottles, still we buy them almost every time we go bumming around in a shopping situation. . .what's up with that? No, really. . .if you know, please tell me!!! The other thing we ended up with, the thing that I was after, is a suitcase-looking plastic container with a nifty handle. . .see below:
And here it is full of the yarn from the festival. . .I mean it is actually FULL! When I picked it up, I thought it was gonna have some space left. . .but I apparently underestimated my newly acquired stash! The thing almost bulged when I closed it! lol - and now I have a place for this yarn, and it is in it's place, and all is right in my world! Now I remember why I have declared a "yarn fast" until the fall. . .yeah, there is just no place left to put any more "potential sweaters."
And it rained on us, and it felt like it was falling in biblical proportions!
Even despite the rain, tho, Sweetie and I were having a good time, and we were almost sorry to see the road-trip come to an end. So, on the way home, we stopped off at Black Locust Farm yarn shop, in Spencer.
I did not break the yarn fast. Hey!, CKW!, I did NOT break the yarn fast!!! I got myself a 40" Addi Turbo in size 4 (the only size I was missing from 0 - 8) that I need for my next project. And I chatted with the owner, who is a full time nurse in addition to running the yarn shop! She is a busy lady, so the shop has limited hours, but I plan to stop back and maybe bring some friends, too! Eventually tho, I had to get back in the car, and Sweetie and I moseyed on home, knitting and talking and watching the storm clouds dangle from the sky in greys and blues and wispy white tendrils that danced just above the trees. . .

And I apparently made quite a bit of progress on the socks. . .yay! I hope that your day was good, and that you will Knit in Good Health until I talk to you again!


  1. Go, you! I spent the day photographing the yarn in my sock (and non-sock) kits and adding it to my stash/queue. I have 38 projects queued now, and I think 35 of them are socks. Must. Knit. Faster.

  2. Cool! I've never been to said Rubbermaid Place..didn't know it existed! (but I'd need alot more than suitcase for my stash)Love the new socks!

  3. Your dusk might want to be some kind of cabled fingerless gloves when it grows up. Or a spaceman. Either one.

    I love your cat-lete and the steadfast way she keeps up the rigorous nap training.

  4. Ooooh... that rubbermaid place looks AMAZING. So many easy storage possibilities! It's like Ikea without the drive to Pittsburgh...