Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Things in Threes

. . .and in this case, the good things are Finished Objects. . .Go, Me!

First up, the May Socks are finished (and were finished in May - yay!), and here they are! Plain vanilla, knit with TV Yarn (Monk) by White Oak Studio on 2.25 bamboo DPNs, top down, 64sts. See how the feet pooled differently? I think it must be a gauge issue, as the knitting and re-knitting of these socks was a bit stressful for me. . .but they are FINISHED!
Aside: White Oak Studio's Etsy shop seems to be closed as she prepares(ed) for a fiber festival. . .check back to see her stuff when she re-opens!

Thing Two: Another 5 Hour Baby Sweater for a new baby! This one is travelling to another state with the proud grandma at the end of this week, and the Daddy is one of the boys that Army Boy played baseball with for years. . .so he is Army Boy's age. . .OMGosh! It boggles the brain, and I knit to stay sane! lol This is in Lion Brand Pound of Love, and I think it took me about, well, 5 hours to make up. These sweaters are soooo adorable!
Third Finished Object is also for the new baby girl. . .because I have known this kid for a long time, and his first child will have, not just a knitted item, but multiple knitted items. . .it just has to be! So, these are little Lacy Rib Baby Socks, made with Destination Yarn in the Vienna colorway! Aren't they precious?

And since we were on "yarn overload" in the Bonus Post, that's about all I have left for today!

Knit in Good Health, and there will be more FOs and WIPs on Saturday, for sure!


  1. Woo-hoo! You knit, girl! ;-) LOL, when I saw the title - good things in threes - I thought...she's knitting 3 socks??? I need a nap. And medication.

  2. You've just saved me a lot of pattern searching...I need to knit a baby gift, and you provided me with a sweater and socks in the same post! :-)

  3. Soo cute!! Love how the baby socks and the sweater came out..adorable!