Saturday, March 6, 2010

SPRING BREAK - 2010!!!

So, as per the usual, I woke up around 6. . .yes, even though it's Saturday. . .what can I say? I am cursed with the curse of the Morning-Person-ness. . .that sounded weird. . .well, I have been up since, six. Anyway, you know the drill. . .make the coffee, get dressed, pour the coffee and settle in for some Little House on the Prairie, my Saturday morning indulgence. I just love to watch Little House, and I love it more with a cat and some knitting stretched across my lap!
This morning, on top of fresh coffee, vintage television and knitting, the cats and I got another special treat!
That's right! College Girl is home for Spring Break! Yay! I will pause here so you may observe your own moment of celebration to commemorate this glorious occasion. . .

. . .pause. . .

Sigh! So good to have her home! Bonus. . .we are planning to catch the remake of Alice in Wonderland this evening! Can't wait!

My own Wonderland included much knitting on the Salsa Sweater recently:
The skirt and cuffs are all that is left to knit. I was really struggling to decide whether I wanted one large button or several small buttons to close this empire-waist cardigan, so in pure Pretty-Knitty-Style I chose a tie closure. Reminds me a little of the Stardust cardi I did for my DIL some time ago. . .and I am loving how it came out! Yay! I have knit about 8 rows of the lace skirt since this morning, and I look forward to having this piece ready-to-wear by next weekend!

Of course, this being Saturday, I would have been farther along if it hadn't been

. . .Dum, Dum, DUMMMMMMM!. . .
TAX DAY at Pretty Knitty's house! So the Federal and State taxes are done, and filed for Hubs and I and College Girl, and all that's left is the City tax forms, which I will do online tomorrow. Huge sigh of relief, because now that the taxes are done, we can do our FAFSA. . .ugh! But, it's gotta be done, so it is what it is! I hope that you have yours done. . .refund = yarn, right?

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished sweater!! Have fun with College Girl this week!

  2. Love the sweater -- the color is perfect.

  3. the sweater looks great. I wish I had 1/2 of the knitting mojo you do, I would have tons of finished objects.

    We should get together for coffee and knitting sometime again, its only been like 2 years or something and we live blocks apart....LOL