Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Of Cats and Yarn. . .

Are you a cat, or are you yarn?
Hmmm, that doesn't translate as well as I had hoped. . .oh, well.

So, I have a cat. . .
Actually two of them. . .
Don't they look like they might be trying to "will" the furnace to kick in? In the second picture, it actually looks like there is a conversation going on:

Black Cat - Soooo, you been sitting here long, Chloe?
Calico Cat - Dang it! I know the heat comes from here. . .is it on vacation?
Black Cat - Soooo, you been sitting here long, Chloe?.
Calico Cat - Maybe if we both look at the holey-thing, the warm air will start again.
Black Cat - Soooo, you been sitting here long, Chloe?
Calico Cat - Zoe! You are not helping! Look at the holey-thing!

And I have some yarn. Actually, over the weekend, I was gifted with a BUNCH of acrylic yarn in many, many colors. . .so, now I have my own color wheel (thank you Penny from church!):
And I am thrilled! And I have even used some of the pinks and browns to start a baby set on my knitting machine, but I have not yet taken pictures of that.

And the thing about all of this that really amazes me is that my Calico Cat loves my gray yarn the best. . .she cannot get enough of it! lol
All of this leaves me with one nagging question. . .
Do you think I should turn the heat up FOR MY CATS?!? lol

Knit in Good Health!


  1. OH I love the 2nd picture of the kitties...soooo cute!!!

  2. I like the fact that one cat is sitting on the other cat's tail.

  3. ha! Of course they should have more heat (always)!

    Secret admission here: I have a heated mattress pad on my bed. I turn the heat up on the side Sabine sleeps on! she stretches out like she's in heaven (and lets me sleep in a little longer).

  4. I love them! We had a Dilute Calico {she passed away last year} & we still have a black kitty. I wish ours had gotten along together as well as yours!
    Happy knitting!