Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cat's Out of the Bag!

I am a morning person, and knowing that, I scheduled a vet appointment for the cats this morning at 8am. Now, the way we transport cats to the vet is in these nifty shoulder bags, designed for holding your smallish pet in a softer carrier than those sturdy-plastic-and-metal boxes, and they have worked well with most of our cats.

So, when I came downstairs this morning, I brought both cat carrier-bags down with me, and the "O-Es" spent some time investigating. Then at 7:30, I bagged them up for the trip. Chloe (the older cat) mewed and moaned and just complained loudly from the moment the zipper was zipped and the velcro was velcroed, but Zoe continued to quietly contemplate.

Safely stowed earlier than expected, I hopped in the car for the 15-minute ride, placing both carriers on the floor by the passenger seat. Chloe's mewing and moaning became louder and more desperate, which may be why I did not hear the velcro when it started to give way. About 10 minutes into the drive, I heard the distinctive "rrrrip" of released velcro which led to the "Great Escape!"
I was dumbfounded as Zoe freed herself from the bag, jumped up and plopped down next to my purse on the passenger seat. There was nothing really that I could do. . .no place that was good for a pull-over-and-re-package, so I just kept an eye on her. She looked out the passenger window, and then she perched (back feet on the seat) with her front feet on the dash to watch the rest of the journey. It's like she is part Houdini, part doggie! (I would have taken a photo, but I was driving and the car was moving, and I am only one woman! I caught the photo above with my cell phone while at a stop light on the way home. . .yeah, she let herself out of the bag on the way home, too.) What a silly girl!

OK, this is a knitty blog, so enough about the cats already!

In Knitting Knews, I love my Christmas Mittens so much that I made another pair for College Girl, out of yarn left from the legwarmers and hat! For this pair, I typed up my revisions to the pattern I started with, and I am considering publishing it. . .hmmm, maybe. Right now, there are some major errors, but I am working on it. But here's a picture anyway:
And on the Sock Front, I finished the January installment of my own personal Sock-a-Month Club! The November Socks (from A Year in Socks) are finished. . .tadaaaaaaa!:
And, because I really like to knit socks, I started the February installment a little early! These are Edwardian Boating Socks, and the yarn is 5th Avenue Funky Sock Yarn! I am really enjoying this knit so far! And I love the color play of the slipped stitches! What do you think?
So, that's it for now. I guess I could write more, but then I'd have to knit less today! And it's gonna be a busy day, so I am outta here! See you around blog-land!

Oh!, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. I hear my cats cheering zoe on! My cats hate their travel box! The carry on and poop in there jus to say "poop on you" for making be in this thing! and they can sprawl their little legs so I can't put them in or get them out once they arrive at the vet!

    Love the socks too!

  2. Way too funny! What a talented cat you have. I love how innocent she looks in the photo. Can imagine your double take when you realized she got out of her bag.

  3. a nott frum the katz...
    So u thot we wud stay in the boring bag. U humanz. When will u lern?
    The Katz