Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009...the year of dark yarn?

Well, at least for a lot of the Christmas knitting! Take a look:
The projects are, by number:
1 - Coffee? x3, # 3 pair; pattern, Cafe au Lait Mitts; yarn, Lion Brand Jiffy Print; gifted to my sister.
2 - A Gun in Yarn; pattern, Mochimochiland Luvgun; yarn, Caron Simply Soft (gray) and Nashua Handknits Creative Focus superwash (dyed brown by me); gifted to a nice guy at work.
3 - Boyfriend Hat #2; pattern, Gotcha Covered #1; yarn, Naturally Caron Country (orange is 2 plies of Caron Simply Soft in duplicate stitch); gifted to dd's bf.
4 - Kitchen Scrubbies; pattern, Grandma Rita's Nylon Scrubbers; yarn, nylon netting cut into 2" strips and knotted together; gifted to many of the women in my family and friends.
5 - Coffee? x3, # 2 pair; pattern, Cafe au Lait Mitts; yarn, Mountain Colors Bearfoot; gifted to my mother-in-law.
6 - Red Toes for Christmas; pattern, Sinuosity (by a friend of mine!); yarn, Plymouth Yearn Happy Feet; gifted to my dd.
7 - Green Gift Hat; pattern, Gotcha Covered #1; yarn, Wool-Ease; gifted to my father-in-law (who doesn't wear hats like this, he told me... ;-)
8 - Variegated Boy Socks; pattern, Thuja, but in fingering weight on 80 sts for the size 11 feet!; yarn, Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet; gifted to dd's bf.
9 - Coffee? x3, # 1 pair; pattern, Cafe au Lait Mitts; yarn, Mountain Colors Bearfoot; gifted to my mom.

There were other projects as well, cranked out at the last minute...never even took pictures or put up on ravelry...I was a knitting fiend, but I don't have any pictures. However, I can tell you that there was another pair of fingerless mitts, in a stitch pattern called SKYP, I believe...I heard about it on a podcast...stands for slip 1, knit 1, yo, psso the knit and yo. Also made a matching hat. I don't even know if I did it right, but the mitts match each other and their hat, so I call that success!

You all have seen all the candy and cookies, and I had much fun with that as well! BUT, I am glad that the holiday merriment is nearly delicate constitution cannot take much more! (But I do have a new fondue pot, and I am hoping to use it on New Years' Eve!)

Now, for a gratuitous shot of Army Boy, Wifey Poo and Puggle Face - so glad they made it home safely for the holidays!:
Pardon the pet-eye on the pooch...could not fix - aargh! But still a cute shot...I hope that your holidays were good, and that whatever stress the merriment caused you is fading into memory by now... I wish you all the best of the best, and more good than bad for the rest of this year, and all of the year to come!

Knit in good health!


  1. Wow you did do a lot of knitting!! LOL I'm so glad that mine is done...(oh wait I have one more cowl to finish!)

    Cut pict. of the famly! Why doesn't photoshop have a pet eye fix?