Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long Week. . .Short Post. . .

And I hope you will understand. ;-)

First off, I finished my Holly Cardigan in green, and here is one photo. It is still blocking, but I hope to make the drawstring and wear it tomorrow!Then, I took a pile of this (2" - 3" strips of nylon netting):
And turned it into several balls of 6 strips each, like this:And then I crocheted several, colorful pot scrubbers like this:
Oh, and I have recently finished some new Combination Knit/Crochet Row counters, like this one with sheep! They will hit the Etsy Shop sometime over the next few days!
Now, I am off to go get a bath, and enjoy a long weekend! No more "regular job" until Monday. . .sometimes it's just the thing!
Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Love the what size hook are you using? I've got 3 done for my Christmas knitting!