Saturday, October 17, 2009

I think I need another hobby...

So, I knit.

And I crochet.

And I needlepoint.

And I paint.

And I play with clay.

And I play with wire and metal.

And I write.

And I Scrapbook...which is what I did with some of my Scrappin' friends last night! And I got quite a bit accomplished! Yay! DD's album did not have some major "Senior Year" stuff in it, so that was Priority One...and I am proud to report that I was able to complete 4 2-page layouts (that's 8 pages!) in my 6-hours!

Another friend did 20 pages! (I think she may be an overachiever...shhhh!)

I can, of course, say that because I do not have a problem with the overachieving. I do not have several hobbies that are constantly competing for my time. I do not make myself crazy, trying to be perfect at every single one of them. I do not fill all my "free" time with little things so I won't fidget. I do not constantly bug my friends by fishing for compliments on the various craft projects I complete each week.

Yeah. Right.

I am plugging right along on the Christmas Stocking Project. This is just the first one, and I plan on making at least 3. Possibly 5, and maybe more! Yes! I will make stockings for EVERYONE! And they will all be stunningly beautiful! Bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

Hmmmm, I seem to have gone a bit mad. Perhaps I need a hobby...

Knit (and craft and live and love) in good health!


  1. Your stocking is coming out great!!! Love the scrapbook too.

  2. Ahh so you did go scrapping..and got a lot done! Bet that felt good!

    The stocking is coming out great!!!

  3. Your work amazes me... wish I were as dedicated as you are..........Congrats!

  4. That stocking is beeeautiful! I love it! You're going to make 3 or 5? Holy moly, lady! That's a lot of knitting!

  5. The stocking is turning out really nice!!!

  6. Very pretty stocking (and congrats on the work on the scrapbook!) I'm always amazed by how quickly the free time gets used up!

  7. who is the over achiever? is it my mom? wouldn't surprise me. the scrapping looks great! wish i couldve been there to scrap with you guys! and those stockings, NICE! teach me your ways, Yoda!