Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Say My Name, Say My Name...

Everybody, I would like to introduce you to. . .
(drum roll please)Yes, the new kitten has finally been named, and that name is Zoe, pronounced Zo-ee, rhymes with Chloe (the cantankerous cat we already owned), and she is starting to know-e her name already. Yay! In the photos above, you can see some of the process of cat and kitten getting to know each other...from big-cat-in-hiding to getting-used-to-it-being-here, they have even started to play a little...batting at one another and chasing each other up and down the hall, and up and down the stairs, and up and down the other occupants of the house! What fun!

By the way, I want props for these's really difficult to photograph a black cat that moves all the warp speed! My photography and Photoshop skills are to be envied!

And really, that is about all the news that I have to report. A couple of knit-bits for you:

The CONTEST continues through today, and there will be a short blog post tomorrow, naming the winner. There are over 50 entries and I can't wait! Thanks for all the comments and follows!

I have finally started the sleeves on my CARDIGAN (but, sadly, I have not taken any new photos).

My second of the CANDY CANE SOCKS has begun, and I am nearly through the first lace repeat (here also, no new photos, sorry).

So that's it, Pretty Knitty Fans. Until tomorrow...

say it with me

Knit in good health!


  1. Awww - that was my cat's name (she spelled it Zoey though). My Zoey was a calico/tabby. My first cat looked just like your Zoe though - her name was Mocha.

  2. Very cute kitty and a very cute name..hopefully Zoe and Chloe will grow to be fast friends!