Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweaters and Purses and Socks. . .Take 2!

So, in the hustle and bustle of my week, I realized (nearly too late) that I have not blogged today! Aaaargh! I am trying to blog just 2 days a week, and I can’t keep up?!? What is with my life?

Oh, that’s right. One is graduating. . .err, has graduated (over the weekend officially) and is headed for college in the fall. And the graduation party is this Saturday.

Blogger stops to mention that Saturday’s blog may not appear until Sunday, BTW.

And then the other one is in a place far, far away, where scary things can happen. There was a little tension last night. . .we heard of an “incident,” but our soldier is safe. Still, it was not a restful night of slumber as we waited to hear for sure.

Blogger stops to mention that she avoids the news stations most days. . .the Army will let her know what she needs to know. . .
No news = good news.

So, I almost forgot to blog. Luckily, I have been knitting away, and I have TWO finished items to show you
(picture me dancing, if you know me, or you think you might know what I look like, anyway)!
A Sweater:

This is the Lacy Ribbed Top from Creative Knitting! It looks much better on, but I am short one willing photographer at my house tonight, sooo, here it is in it’s un-blocked glory for now. I bought 4 skeins of Vivace yarn, then suffered some buyer's remorse when I found the pattern only called for 3. Still, I kept the fourth, and lo and behold. . .I needed it! I only made it about half-way through the second sleeve when that third skein ran out, so Boy!, was I glad I had a #4 in my bag! And there's a lot of #4 left, but Yay! for #4!!!

Today’s “blog-isode” is brought to you by the number 4,
and the colors Green and Blue and Gold!

And I finished the Bride’s Purse, knitted of three ribbons (white satin, white organza and silver tape yarn) and a string of clear beads so it sparkles a bit:

And the Bride did not ask for it, and the Bride may not want to use it, but the Bride’s mother sees the merit. . .and if the Bride decides against it, well, maybe I can sell it in the ETSY Shop? I will learn to roll with the flow (said the “recovering “Type-A,” OCD, Anal-Retentive Blogger to no one in particular).

But, even though I have finished a sweater and a purse, I still have not finished the KAL socks. They are the next in line, I suppose. . .right after the Graduate's scrapbook. . .and the deli trays. . .and the fruit and veggie trays. . .
But, now that the Blogger has blogged for the day, the Blogger is going to bed. I hope that you sleep well when it is your bedtime, aaaaaaaand. . .

Knit in good health!

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  1. How are the veggie and other assorted trays coming along? Done I'm guessing! And the scrapbook and sock?

    The sweater is awesome by the way!!! Good luck with the party tomorrow, I'm sure it will be wonderful. (then you can sigh a big sigh of relief!